Meet Danna: Jewish Spin Lover of the Week

by Allison Friedman / May 25, 2018

Fact: Danna Koren used to get in trouble for sniffing magazines in the grocery store. Learn more about this phenomenal Hebrew speaking, spin loving human in our exclusive 1:1 interview!

jewish girl of week on bikeAllie: What brought you to DC?

Danna: After college, I moved home to Philly – go Eagles! – to work as a fundraiser for a local gubernatorial campaign. I went to University of Maryland for undergrad and loved being in this area, so I moved back to DC to continue working in politics before eventually landing at The Jewish Federation of Greater Washington as an event planner.

Allie: If you had an entirely free day to do whatever you wanted in DC, how would you spend it?

Danna: First, I’d go to a spin class at Cycle Bar. Then, I’d probably go to Union Market for brunch and have a bloody mary or two – I love Buffalo & Bergen. I also like to take really long walks around the city, and love outdoor biking – as well as indoor. I’d love to bike all the way across town and along the river, and see the monuments. At night, I’d read a book on my balcony.

danna and her boyfriendAllie: What’s your favorite smell and why?

Danna: Fresh new books and magazines. I love cracking open a new book. As a kid I would sniff magazines in the grocery store, and would get in trouble for it.

Allie: If you could eat at one restaurant forever, which one would it be?

Danna: I love Indigo DC, which is in my neighborhood. I could eat their butter chicken, rice, and chickpeas every single day. Make sure not to skip their mango chutney. And no, they did not pay me to say this.

Allie: What is a skill you want to learn this year?

Danna: I’ve always wanted to be an indoor spin instructor. It’s a really long and difficult process, and I’m still getting over a lifelong stage fright. My goal is to get myself ready to try out within the next year.

Allie: What are you looking forward to most about summertime?

Danna: I love playing kickball with my DC Fray team, this is a highlight of the week for me in the summertime. Also, I’ve been working on this Israel@70 Celebration with Federation that I’m really excited for. It’s going to be a musical birthday celebration for Israel with some amazing musical talent, including the singer of “Golden Boy” (Nadav Guedj). 

jewish girl of week at sukkah with friendAllie: What makes you so excited about this event?

Danna: I am actually a dual citizen of Israel and the US. I grew up with Israeli parents. A lot of my childhood memories are in Israel, even though I’ve never technically lived there. Growing up, I spent every summer in Israel since all of my extended family are there. We spoke Hebrew at home – and still do. I actually didn’t learn English until I went to school. So for me, it really is a privilege getting to be a part of this Israel@70 Celebration.

Allie: Wow! Do you have other Hebrew speaking friends in the area?

Danna: I’m part of Hebrew speaking club, called the “Hebrew Club”. We meet once a month for happy hours and other events where we just speak Hebrew with one another.

Allie: Complete the sentence: When Jews of DC Gather…

Danna: They’re bound to have 25 mutual friends.


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