State of Mourning

For many millennial DC Jews, an intersection of three extremely liberal subsets of the population (and around 95% of whom most likely voted for Hillary Clinton), now may feel like a time for shiva. Today we mourn the loss of the America we thought we lived in, the loss of the misplaced optimism that we had, and the loss of feeling safe and secure about our present and our future.

Many of us are too broken, too hurt, too angry to do anything but weep, and the wisdom of shiva is that we need to make space for that. But the deeper wisdom of shiva is that we then must leave our home and re-enter the world. We must confront this new reality, if not today, then soon. We cannot fall back on escapism.

The Jewish response to brokenness is twofold – to learn and to hope. Religion will not solve our problems, but it can provide a space for us to come together, reflect and, when the time is right, move forward.

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  1. Faith
    Faith says:

    Rabbi Aaron, thank you. As someone who is reeling in deep emotional pain after the crushing and powerful voice that half of this country served us yesterday, I am left feeling disillusioned that the place that I thought was a home for so many, is now a home for so few. Religion cannot solve this, but it can provide a sense of community, a place for people like myself, who are left with a feeling of homelessness.
    Religion provides us the space to grieve and to feel, but also provides us with a sense of community. A community that can remerge after a period of grieving with reawakened optimism, with an unwavering commitment to improve, give back and provide for the spaces that we feel home in. Thank you for being one of those spaces.


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