Relationship Goals: Learning to “Adult”

Romantic relationships are ______? Challenging, exciting, a roller-coaster, fun, work. Ask anyone that question and they will give you a different answer. After the honeymoon period, things get REAL. Sometimes you have to have hard conversations and discuss some not so easy topics while you are dating, when you get engaged, and after you are married.

Any of these situations sound familiar to you?

Mo Money, Mo Problems?
stacy1She is a major spender and wants to buy a new flatscreen and go on a 3 week ski vacation in the Alps, her fiancé is a super saver who keeps every penny – just in case. How do you go about combining both your savings accounts or what if one of you has major credit card debt?



She wants a Kosher kitchen, he loves to cook….lots of bacon. He wants a Christmas tree in the house, and his boyfriend would rather have a menorah on the mantle. Navigating the type of home you want to build can be tricky no matter what your religious affiliation is.



Sometimes knowing Dr. Ruth isn’t good enough in the bedroom. Communication is essential to keeping things exciting in all the rooms of your house.

Welcome to My House


You are ready to buy piece of property in the DC area for many, many shekels, mazel tov! What are you looking for to make a house a home? Can you afford it and will your parents or partner’s parents help with the down payment?

In Sickness and In Health


It is easy to get into the pattern of binge watching your favorite Netflix shows together and ordering take out on the weekends. It is also just as easy to watch your girlfriend get up at 6:00 am to train for her marathon while you hit snooze until noon. How do you encourage your partner to participate in an active lifestyle with you and get healthy?

Will….You Remember Me?


You seek adventure and are embarking on one of the most difficult climbs of your life on your 2 week vacation. Who will get your prized baseball collection and condo in Colombia Heights if you don’t make it back? We are still young and most likely don’t think about worst-case scenarios but sometimes life, just happens.

The 5 Year Plan


Law school is done and you passed the bar. You want to start planning for a family but are not sure who will care for the baby. Your job wants to offer you a promotion and a raise but you have to move to Azerbaijan. When crafting a professional path it is important to speak honestly with your partner about expectations.

Beyond the Chupah


You have the ring. You chose your venue. One bride wants a priest and a rabbi to officiate the ceremony. The other bride doesn’t know why she has to stomp on the glass after she recites her vows. Wouldn’t it be great if a panel of event planners just arrived at your doorstep to sort out all of the details.


If you and your partner are ready to put your big kid pants on, talk together, and learn more about these topics, you should attend EntryPointDC’s upcoming event, #Adulting: An Afternoon of Workshops for Young Couples. It will be held on Sunday, May 15th at the DCJCC. Young couples in their 20’s and 30’s of all backgrounds- in long term relationships, engaged or recently married are invited to explore major themes of moving from two individuals to one unit; workshops will delve into the topics of finance, spirituality, intimacy, wedding planning, familial relationships and other common challenges of the modern couple. Visit our ticket page to learn more and purchase a discount ticket. We are also launching a couples boot camp to get in shape for the summer.

If you have any questions email Stacy Miller, Manager of EntryPointDC , a program of the DCJCC for those in their 20’s and 30’s.

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