Jewish Entrepreneur of the Week – Lindsey!

922977_10100759162898267_231440761_n (1)This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Lindsay Larner! I first met her through her job marketing for Cove, but then learned she has a fascinating side business she has been working on. Read on to learn all about it.

Jackie: You grew up in St. Louis, what do you miss most about the city?

Lindsey: My parents and sister still live in St. Louis, and I miss them a lot. The St. Louis Cards is a close second. I love living in DC though, so I visit home when I can and I cheer for the Cards from afar.

Jackie: You studied abroad in Australia in college, and that began your love of travel. Where are some other places you have had the chance to visit? 

Lindsey: Since traveling all around Australia when I studied abroad, I’ve been to New Zealand, Poland, Prague, and Spain. My favorites were Prague and Barcelona. I hope to take a trip somewhere in Europe this summer, but not sure where yet.

Jackie: Can you tell us about your side business? 

IMG_4279Lindsey: I founded The Cookie Jar DC just six weeks ago to make edible cookie dough. The cookie dough doesn’t have eggs in it and you don’t bake it—you just eat it! I make several different flavors, from classic chocolate chip to sugar cookie with sprinkles, and they come in different size jars as well as small bites dipped in chocolate. While it’s only been six weeks, I’m already selling in Glen’s Garden Market (Dupont and Shaw) and Union Kitchen Grocery, shipping nationwide, doing delivery three nights a week, and accepting pickup orders. I also do catering and favors with custom branding for events, from office lunches to baby showers to bachelorette parties and more. You can find everything on my website:

Jackie: So, you aren’t really that into cooking. What made you want to start an edible cookie dough company?

Lindsey: It’s funny that my business is edible cookie dough because I find cooking to be boring. However, there’s actually no cooking or baking involved in making the dough since nothing goes in the oven. The business started because I wanted to do something creative, and I wanted to run my own project. I began playing around in the kitchen and thinking up creative recipes that people wanted but couldn’t find in the stores. At one point I thought, “I should sell this.” So, I looked for a commercial kitchen to produce out of, and the next thing I knew, it was official.

Jackie: What is your favorite place to spend time in DC?

Lindsey: Recently, I’ve reallyLindsay_The Cookie Jar DC (1) enjoyed spending time in Union Kitchen, where I produce all of my edible cookie dough. The vibe is great, the other chefs and bakers are friendly, and there’s always different music playing. It’s easy relax and focus on making the cookie dough. It’s a very different environment than I had ever been in before I launched The Cookie Jar DC.

Jackie: You work full time and have your own business on the side. When do you sleep? 

Lindsey: It’s been a whirlwind so far, and I honestly haven’t had much time to sleep. I try to compartmentalize everything so that I’m focused on my job during the day and edible cookie dough at night. As I build up efficiencies with The Cookie Jar DC, I’ll hopefully have more time to relax. Regardless of how busy it keeps me, it’s a ton of fun and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jackie: What is your favorite Jewish Food?

Lindsey: Charoset!

Jackie: Finish the sentence: When the Jews gather…

Lindsey: They eat edible cookie dough!

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