Meet Adi! Jewish Actor of the Week

Adi Stein Headshot 2 Jackie: What brought you to DC?

I came to DC because I went to school at American University and I just haven’t left since.

Jackie: So, you are an actor who often works in theater, can you tell us about the show you are currently working in?

Adi: Sure thing! I’m currently working on a show called The Cerulean Time Capsule. It’s a new site-specific play produced by The Kennedy  Center at The Botanic Garden. It’s a fun and exciting interactive children’s piece that takes the audience on a time traveling adventure  through the various gardens within The Botanic Garden. We run Saturdays and Sundays every half hour from 10:30am until 4pm and we’re  playing through October 25th! Also, it’s free, so you should come check it out.

Jackie: Since you are so involved in the DC theater scene, can you give us any recommendations of shows we should see?

Adi: Can do! There is actually this great new festival that just started called the “Women’s Voices Theater Festival” and there are a number of  exciting shows in it. The festival is a collaboration between all of the major theaters and theatre companies in DC. Together, over 50 new plays  by 50 female playwrights are being produced, and this kind of work is unprecedented. I just saw Queens Girl in the World by Caleen Sinnette Jennings at Theater J and it was spectacular. Beautiful text, outstanding performance from Dawn Ursula, and all around great production.  One of my favorite things I’ve seen in a while.


Jackie: You make a podcast with your friend, what made you decide to do this project? Also can you recommend your  favorite episode of the podcast or should we just start at the beginning?

Adi: Ha! Yes, I have a podcast with my good friend Brandon McCoy. It’s called Highly Unreasonable and it’s essentially just the two of us  goofing off and talking about any topic that people send our way. It’s a lot of fun, which is essentially what made us start it. We were both at a  time in our lives when we were looking for avenues of pure joy, and hanging out and talking was just that. So we said, “We should record this  and just see what happens.” And lo and behold, Highly Unreasonable was born. We’re less than 20 episodes in now so I would say start with  the beginning if you’re interested. Each episode is between 30 minutes and an hour and you can find them all on iTunes, SoundCloud, and  Stitcher!

Jackie: I actually saw you in a movie before we even met! You were in a movie Stolen Summer can you tell me about that experience?

Adi: Wow! Bringing it back. Okay. Well what you say is true: I was in a movie called Stolen Summer when I was about… 13? 14? In any case, it was a complete blast. It was the first Project Greenlight movie, so I don’t think I was as aware of the attention is was getting at the time, but looking back… woof. It was so great meeting and working with such incredible people like Bonnie Hunt, Kevin Pollack, Aidan Quinn, and Brian Dennehy. I was one lucky little dude.

Jackie: Who is your favorite Jew?

Adi: Maybe Magneto? He’s pretty badass. A little xenophobic, but that’s all because of the Holocaust so… maybe it’s understandable? This got dark.

Jackie: What is your favorite way to spend Shabbat?

Adi: Eating delicious homemade foods until I fall asleep then waking up and doing it all over again.

Jackie: Finish the sentence: When the Jews gather… there better be food.

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