New Music Monday: A-WA, Yes please!


The three Haim sisters (different Haim) who make up A-WA (pronounced Ay-wa, Arabic for “yes”) grew up in the south of Israel near the Egyptian boarder. All three sisters (and their three other siblings) studied music, sang, danced and performed from a young age. These talented ladies sing in English, Hebrew and Yemenite. “Habib Galbi” is a Yemenite song the sisters had first heard in childhood and their updated recording of this song has become their break out song. Inspired by Yemenite women’s chanting, A-WA’s debut album consists of 12 original recordings of Yemenite songs layered over dance and hip-hop beats.

The sisters have been working with Tomer Yosef (singer and lead vocalist for the Israeli-American band Balkan Beat Box) to help produce their music but he also directed and shot their first music video for Habibi Galbi; which was filmed over one intense weekend in the desert.

Their new album is slated to come out later this year, Insh’allah we can get it in America!

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