Getting Productive…Some of our Favorite Tools

ringFeeling overwhelmed???  Who isn’t—especially this time of year.  As we head into November, our “to do” lists are suddenly packed with holiday planning and end-of-year work projects.  At Ringya, we are all about productivity and collaboration. So we thought we’d share some of the tools we use to stay organized, manage our lives, and stay all around sane.  We’ve also included a couple of new ones that we haven’t test driven yet but sounded cool.

Ringya – Ringya is the first communication solution especially created for groups like work teams, class lists, sports clubs and community organizations.  Ringya lets users easily create mobile groups (or “Rings”) and conveniently communicate with group members via text messaging, group chat, message boards, calls or email

Pocket – How many times have you come across an interesting article but didn’t have time to read it just then? With a click of a button, Pocket saves articles for you so you can read them later…on any device where you load a Pocket account.  Ringya staffers use Pocket to read on their smartphones, tablets, and eBook readers.

Remember the Milk – At Ringya, we believe in putting an end to paper lists.  With Ringya, we helped get your contact lists onto your phone so we were excited to hear about a digital task list that lets you scrap your paper to do and grocery lists. This cross platform app lets you access your to do list on your phone or desk top, sync it with your Google calendar and much more!

Of course, we couldn’t possibly neglect to mention Evernote! We LOVE it! All your notes – work, personal – saved digitally and totally searchable.

Asana – Collaborating on projects can lead to confusion. Time to get coordinated! Asana helps you work together allowing everyone on the team to connect, share priorities, and see who owns what. (We admit, it’s a bit confusing at the outset…but many on the Ringya team swear by it!)

Circa – Now that the daily paper is becoming a thing of the past, it’s hard to determine whether you’re catching the most important headlines. Recently launched by a group of editors, Circa provides headlines and stories chosen for relevance and importance.

TripIt – Going on a business trip? Planning a reunion or holiday vacation? We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the AWESOME TripIt. A great collaborative travel organizational tool. By the way, if you follow @tripit on Twitter, you’ll find some great travel tips. So start packing!

Hipmunk – Let’s you search and book plane tickets, hotels and restaurants. Find flights according to different parameters; see where hotels are located relative to landmarks and tourist attractions; find out what restaurants are nearby.

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