Max B. regains his title at the Sixth Annual Sixth & I Pickle Eating Contest

photo (1)After dominating the Fourth Annual Sixth & I Pickle Eating Contest, Max B. lost his title in the Fifth Annual contest by 2 ounces.  last week he won it back in a glorious feat of pickle eating.


It was a frigid January morning when I bought a jar – neigh, a four pound drum – of pickles from Costco.

It’s now almost May and that barrel of Vlassics is still taking up half of my refrigerator.  Those resilient green soldiers have survived a pregnant friend’s visit, a rainquester shut-in, and even a slew of St. Paddy’s day pickle shots.

That being said, what’s taken me five months to eat, I ate in five minutes on Wednesday night.


To become the two-time Sixth & I pickle eating contest champion.  I have a gift and that gift is the ability to devour, decimate, and metabolize entire crops of cucumbers in one sitting.  I want to share that gift with the world.

Do you have a particular method you use?  Do you practice?

919149_10100717745284497_1175466803_oMy opponents employed different methods, from the two-handed scoop and stuff to the no-handed spit and spew vinegar shower (namely, Ben S).  Every meal for me is practice for an eating contest.  I have no method.  I do no training.  I just simply eat what’s in front of me… all the time.

How did you feel after?

I had a 5-hour flight at 7 AM the next morning.  I got off the plane under the 90 degree Vegas sun with sodium and dill still coursing thick through my veins.  Worth it.

What’s next for the champ?

You tell me.  Anyone, anywhere, anytime.  Whoever thinks they can take on the skinny guy in any other food challenge, I’m in (disclaimer: no pork/shellfish and I hate mayonnaise).

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