Murder Mystery Shabbat!

Last year's Murder Mystery Shabbat.

Last year’s Murder Mystery Shabbat.

On the evening of April 26th, NOVA Tribe Series and Shabbat Hoppin’ will host a mystery-themed Shabbat.  A casual service will be followed by a night of fun and interactive comedy and mystery.  Tickets include dinner, drinks, and a mystery show.  There is only 1 week left to purchase tickets, a limited number will be available at the door!

5 Reasons Why THIS NIGHT will be Different Than All Other Nights

1. You will need to “watch your back” and be prepared to mingle with some interesting Shabbat guests.  The mystery company we have hired has said “We’re so adaptable that we don’t have just certain periods where audience members can interact with us, we’re ready to engage at a moments notice.  All audience members can interact with us all the time. ”

2. There will be a Shabbat event taking place in Northern Virginia, for young professionals, at one large venue.  This has been a goal of NOVA Tribe Series for at least 513 of the 515 days it has been in existence.  NOVA Tribe Series is an organization that provides Jewish young adults living and working in Northern Virginia (and those in the Greater Washington area) with innovative programming and leadership activities that promote learning about and giving back to the Northern Virginia community and seeks to create an active and engaged young professional Jewish community in Northern Virginia.

3. You will have to “hop” to a church, not a synagogue.  We say hop because of one of our hosts of the evening.  Shabbat Hoppin’ is a program sponsored by NEXT DC (the DC-area Birthright alumni network) and Young Leadership of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington for those in their 20s and 30s (both Birthright alumni and non-Birthright alumni) to experience different Shabbat celebrations in the DC community.  Why will we be praying in a church?  There are no metro accessible synagogues in the Northern Virginia area so for this event we decided to make it easier for those without cars to get to us.  The next NOVA Tribe  Shabbat event will provide transportation to a local NOVA synagogue.

4. There will be no “Shabbat chicken.”  We know, you must be pretty sad about this.  However, we are confident you have always wanted to pretend that you are enjoying all of your Shabbat meals in Israel – so falafel and Israeli tapas are #1 on our menu.

5. There will be mysterious things occurring.  Last January NOVA Tribe Series hosted a mystery themed Shabbat on a smaller scale, 14-16 group members were assigned to one of three houses to participate in an 80’s themed mystery and enjoy a home-cooked Shabbat meal.  Turns out it was Polly Pingwald with the Rubik’s Cube.

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