The Jewish Food Experience

JFE“Inspired by tradition.  Delivered with a twist.”

The Jewish Food Experience (JFE), a new DC-based site, provides a platform for the community to come together through food.  JFE brings Jewish food with a modern twist:  The project allows foodies, including chefs, restaurateurs, food critics and writers, to share recipes, stories, international flavors, news about the local Jewish food scene, and volunteer efforts to fight hunger.  Steven A. Rakitt, CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, explains, “Food is a shared experience, and we expect this new project will provide opportunities for local Jews to not only experience food with family and friends old and new, but also engage the Jewish community in a deeper way.”  In addition to online activities, JFE will create shared moments around food through events and programs such as tastings, volunteer opportunities, book signings, cooking series, films, and more.

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Chef Todd Gray giving a cooking demo at the JFE launch.

Susan Barocas, JFE Project Director, explains, “The Jewish Food Experience is the first of its kind – a project that combines an appetizing website chock full of stories, recipes, and resources with exciting programs and partnerships.  There is something so elemental and natural about exploring, discussing, cooking, tasting, and sharing food that brings people together in a way few things can do.  And food is also a way to bring memory and tradition together with innovation and creativity.  It’s exciting to think about the possibilities of connecting people through food and contributing to richer, more satisfying ways to connect to Jewish heritage and culture.”

JFE held it’s official launch party on Tuesday, March 12.  The morning began with a bit of schmoozing (in true Jewish fashion) and breakfast consisting of twists on traditional Jewish foods and new innovative recipes.  Fritatta of wild mushrooms and muenster cheese, poached salmon mousse with cucumber salad, and matzah brei with strawberry compote were some of the delicious foods that attendees munched on.  While enjoying the breakfast fare, Chef Todd Gray, co-author of The New Jewish Table and member of the JFE Advisory Council, treated us to a cooking demo.  All who attended left with satisfied bellies and excitement for the Jewish Food Experience.

Check out the The Jewish Food Experience today!

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  1. Jeremy Yonteff
    Jeremy Yonteff says:

    The jewish food experience and yet no mention of kashrus, those of us in DC following the laws of the jewish people probably have a great deal, likely the most to say about dining in this area, since the subject comes up at least 3 times at every shabbos day kiddush. However without any mention of hashgacha, and GTJ’s reputation for egalitarianism taking priority over Judaism, how could any shomer-mitzvot jew think of participating.

    The last thing DC needs is another media of public torah derision and pulling the secular wool over eyes of already deluded yidden in DC.

  2. Rachel Giattino
    Rachel Giattino says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    As a project of the Federation of Greater Washington, JFE will adhere to Federation’s kosher policy meaning that all recipes and events will be kosher in accordance with the Vaad HaKashrut of the Rabbinical Council of Greater Washington. For these purposes, in addition to direct supervision by the Vaad, certification of food products or catering services by nationally recognized, and approved Kosher certification organizations, such as the Orthodox Union (OU), are acceptable. When an event will feature non-kosher foods, there will be a kosher option that adheres to these guidelines. You can read more about the policy here:




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