Jewish Guy of the Week – Noah

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Aaron: What brought you to DC?
Noah: I was brought to D.C. when my father, a DC native, and my mother, another DC native, well, the rest is gross.

Aaron: We hear you write music and sing. Can you tell us more about that?
Noah: Yes, I do in fact write music and sing.  More specifically, I write music for national television, commercials, films, and other artists.  Some of my songs have had some cool placements on Last Call with Carson Daly, Century Link Internet, Gold Peak Tea, etc.  My music business also sometimes has nice benefits like trips to the 55th Grammys for me and 5 of my friends.  Still not sure how I pulled that one out.

Aaron: Do you have any upcoming shows?
Noah: No upcoming shows in the next couple months around here unfortunately.  My band is playing a week long tour in St. Croix in the Virgin Islands in a month, however that might be difficult to attend. :-/  I do  play open mics in the coffeeshop in the basement of Politics and Prose most Fridays.  It’s a wonderful, nurturing scene for any musician to come check out.  Even if you don’t play anything, come grab a cup of chai and listen to some free music.

Aaron: What is your favorite Jewish food?goofy
Noah: Not sure if this counts but my favorite Jewish food is the Elite pop-rock chocolate from Israel.  I don’t understand what crazy person came up with the idea, but it’s genius.

Aaron: Who is the coolest Jew?
Noah: Moses, in the form of Snoop Dog (Lion?).

Aaron: Finish the sentence: When the Jews gather…
Noah: When the Jews gather, hopefully we’re drinking something a little higher quality than Manischewitz.


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