Jewish Guy of the Week – Evan

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Evan: I came to DC many years ago as the trailblazing, first Jewish student from my high school to go to a Jesuit university.  I then left DC and joined the Peace Corps, landing in the Dominican Republic.  I’ve been back in DC now for two years for my job, and I am also attempting to moonlight as a travel writer after publishing a guidebook based on my Peace Corps experience called Other Places Dominican Republic.

Aaron: Why did you decide to stay?

Evan: Obviously the major reason was that I got to live with Eryn, this week’s Girl of the Week, and three other fabulous roommates in a gorgeous four-story, exposed-brick, slanty-staircased townhouse in LeDroit Park.  There are two decks and an accessible roof, French doors, and absolutely no insulation.  I’m on my third place of employment in the city – now as an Editor at LivingSocial – and I love DC for its convenience, atmosphere, and young, spirited population.  Of course, the pull of the Motherland (New York) is strong, but I’ll be here for a little while.

Aaron: We heard you have a farm in the city?

Evan: Much like our ancestors in the shtetl, our house has a 4×8 foot plot of land at the local community garden (okay, not much like them at all).  We grow items from a monster mint plant to adorable yellow pear-shaped tomatoes to three types of basil.  We always have extra, just ask.  Goes great on everything.

Aaron: What do you do on a Friday night?

Evan: The best of Fridays, I come home after a day of editing deals for the Midwest to a house filled with alluring aromas of roasting veggies, just-baked challah, and EVOO heating on the stovetop – all from the hands and heart of Eryn.  I’ll help make salad, set the table, open some Kosher wine (preferably Argentine, thank you), and wait an hour for late guests to show up.  We’ll enjoy hearty vegetarian fare, thoughtful conversation, meeting new people, and opening additional bottles of wine (this time, American is OK).  I’ll then pack up and head to Nellie’s.

Aaron: What is your favorite part about being Jewish?
Evan: Our shared history and community, and indomitable faith, have carried me through both the most joyous and the most difficult times.  I am always proud of my identity.  Of course, being able to plumb the depths of Jewish humor doesn’t hurt either.
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