Weekly Update with Rachel — 9/12

Giraffe at the Smithsonian!
(I’m a little obsessed with giraffes…)

Hi, everyone! I cannot express how ecstatic I am to be a part of Gather the Jews.  If you ever see me out at an event, or anywhere else in the city, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself.  I’m brand new to DC and can’t wait to meet everyone.

Last week was my first official week as Director of Operations.  I wrote up my first “Gather the News” and sent out my first newsletter (and the world did not implode so I guess I didn’t do too badly!).  I also jumped into Jewish events this week, starting with the Jewish Federation’s Nexus.  Nexus is a course designed to explore what it means to be an influential young Jewish adult, and how to impact the community through involvement.  Nexus was a great opportunity to start meeting members of the Jewish community as we shared with each other our respective Jewish journeys.

I spent my first Friday Shabbat at MesorahDC’s services and dinner.  The food was delicious and everyone, including Rabbi T and Rabbi Berkman, made me feel extremely comfortable.  The next night, with some new friends from Mesorah, I headed out to Clark and Shaina’s engagement party.  Sadly, I missed Clark’s flash mob proposal. Overall, I would say a highly successful first weekend in DC and I’m looking forward to many more. If you are not busy Sunday, September 30, you can come out, meet me, and help make another one of my weekends awesome by joining me in building sukkahs for GTJ’s first ever community service event!

I’m exceedingly thankful for how welcoming everyone has been, but I also want to be here for all of you. If you ever need help finding a place to go to services, want to know about a Jewish event, or want to find someone to go to an event with, let me know and I will do my best to help you out. Also, while I have my own ideas for GTJ, I would also like to hear from all of you. Compliments, constructive criticism, and new ideas are always appreciated.

Have a great week!



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