Guns, Gays, Abortion, Oh My!

Guns, Gays, and Abortion
Jewish Perspectives on Hot Button Issues

With election season underway, debates over social issues are likely to take center stage on TV and in your living room. In this three-part series, Rabbi Shira Stutman will lead a guided discussion exploring the nuances of three hot button social issues – guns, gays, and abortions. The group will explore different viewpoints on the second amendment, gun control, conception, reproductive rights, and issues facing the LGBT community using Jewish texts as the basis for debate.

So reads the Sixth & I blurb for this three-part event that begins on Thursday (June 7).

I disagree with the assertion that “debates over social issues are likely to take center stage on TV and in your living room.”  This March 2012 Rasmussen Reports poll shows that 82 percent of Americans think the economy is the number one issue.  Every other poll I’ve seen suggests the same — jobs and the economy reign supreme.

As for Jewish “living rooms” — we’re, not surprisingly, pretty similar to the rest of the country.  An April 30, 2012 AJC poll found that 80 percent of Jews “cite the economy as one of the three most important issues in deciding their vote.”  Health Care placed second at 57%.  Abortion only ranked in the top three with 11% of respondents.  Conventional wisdom does suggest, however, that social issues rank higher with Jewish Americans than with the average American.  Especially female Jewish Americans.

Most Important Issues in Deciding Presidential Vote

Source:  AJC April 30, 2012 poll

But even if we disagree over which issues will take center stage, there’s no debating that this three-part event will make for an entertaining and lively discussion.

Your host for the program... Rabbi Shira Stutman

To prepare you for the discussion, I’ll (self-referentially) point you to my “Gentile’s Guide to The Jewish Voter” as well as this thorough study by the Public Religion Research Institute “Chosen For What?: Jewish Values in 2012“, and I’ll give you a few statistics on the three topics to be discussed by Rabbi Shira:


  • Couldn’t find many statistics on this.  If you know of polls on American Jews and gun control, please send them my way!  (
  • 88 percent of American Jews agree that there should be a nationwide ban on assault weapons (1997 AJC exit poll via National Jewish Democratic Council)
  • Good article by Rabbi Shmuly Yanklowitz on Jewish perspectives on gun control. (The New York Jewish Week)


  • A Public Religion Research Institute poll showed 81 percent of Jews support gay marriage. (New York Jewish Week)
  • Nathan Guttman came to the same number (81 percent support gay marriage) in his article for the Jewish Daily Forward.
  • Ron Kampeas of the Jewish Telgraphic Agency estimates Jewish support of gay marriage to be around 75 percent. (Jewish Exponent)
  • The Los Angeles Times reported that 78 percent of Jews opposed California’s Proposition 8 to ban gay marriage.
  • Gay marriage is opposed by the Rabbinical Council of American and the Union of Orthodox Congregations of America (see letter)



Hope to see you at the discussion.


3 replies
  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    Ban guns? Try it, bring it, YOU WILL LOSE! While Jews in other parts of the world suffer and live under the shadow of death and you want to ban guns here with more evidence from the limp wristed Euros that have seen crime rates go up, and much of that comes from the muslim community.

    Meanwhile, hilary clinton signs away our Freedoms and Constitutional rights to the half whacked U.N. with an international gun ban (yet to be enforced because the U.S., stands in the way), while the obama administration kisses the arse of islam globally with a few facade tricks up his sleeve to look tough. All the while liberal Jews in the United States are so scared of looking “politically incorrect” by not standing up against facist Islam that grows daily in Europe, Asia, Mother Russia, Africa……..through immigration and pro-creation.

    Abortion…….well, God even knew Jeremiah before he was formed –
    Jeremiah 1.5
    Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; and before you came forth out of the womb I sanctified you, and I ordained you a prophet unto the nations.

    So you thumb your nose at the Yeshem on that issue………

    Homosexuality?!?! Well, G-D made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve……..and you ARE NOT born this way, not one shred of evidence. AGAIN G-D does not approve and to thumb your nose at His laws……..only brings love retribution, but retribution still. You can have your scholars debate the B.S. all you want, but at the end of the day….WE ALL KNOW ITS TRUE!

    If this poll is true then it shows we are headed for a complete train wreck. You CANNOT separate the social issues from the fiscal. If men have no moral compos, with wickedness in their heart, then they will not care how they spend your money and make more people dependent on big dictating gov. If men do not have a moral compose then we will see the implosion of our culture.

    It’s sad we are going down this path and like all liberal media outlets hopefully this chart is false, which continues their propaganda warring lies.

  2. Jeremy Yonteff
    Jeremy Yonteff says:

    Are we supposed to be shocked and amazed when this “rabbi” comes out in support of these liberal causes? Is it any secret that Judaism is a laughing stock to the Majority of American and to an only slightly less extent world jewry.

    Hashem says ” Do not go with the majority to do evil! ”

    What is the point of interviewing a leader of the liberal jewish world who have decreed against themselves assimilation and annihilation in order to recreate judaism in order to fit their liberal political motives?

    What is good news is that this poll shows that a larger number than the american average of torah observant jews still maintain jewish values. Considering the people taking these polls probably dont know enough frum jews to fill out a minyan, and no doubt countless numbers in the sample probably arent even jewish, this may be a ray of hope for the next generation.

    Tell me though? Why not have a actual Rabbi with smichas to counter the neo-helenist views of the jewish left with the actual torah perspective on these important issues?



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