DC Deports Italian Jew – Rossella

Why do you deserve to be Jewish Girl of the Year?

See #

  1. I love DC and I can’t wait to return with the status of Jewish Girl of the Year.
  2. I won money at “Who wants to be a millionaire” and I used the money to come to DC.
  3. When I was in DC, I took part in every Jewish event I could, from inspiring classes to fun gatherings. But my favorites have always been Shabbat dinners, the warm atmosphere, and amazing company (I am still trying to figure out why Jews in DC all lead such interesting lives), every week in a different location. I spent only four Shabbats in my own place in four months (and only to throw my own dinners…)
  4. I am the only Jew in DC who buys half gallon tubs of Haagen Daaz ice cream — a compromise because the only real ice cream is Italian gelato. Oh, I also introduced the DC Jewish Community to authentic pasta, cooked by yours truly. I am sorry to tell you, my dear American friends, otherwise you wouldn’t have any idea of what real pasta tastes like.
  5. The reason I couldn’t be at the kick off party is because I attended a very important meeting of the Milan Jewish Community Council to report about it for the Jewish magazine I work for.
  6. While I was in DC I reported about the awesome DC Jewish Community for the above-mentioned magazine  http://moked.it/blog/2011/10/09/qui-washington-young-professionals/
  7. I heard a rumour that GTJ prefers to award Jewish Guy/Girl of the Year to Jews with piercing blue eyes – well, I have the eyes you are looking for (see picture).

    See #7

  8. I am hospitable to every DC Jew who comes to Italy — ask Rachel Briksssss for confirmation
  9. I can sing Disney songs (both in Italian and English) better than anyone else, including GTJ president Stephen Richer
  10. If I win, I will fly all the way from Milan to DC for the Award Party. After having the opportunity of wearing Aaron Wolff’s hat, I can’t miss the experience of wearing a GTJ tiara.

What does it mean that you have been officially deported?
It means eating real ice cream and real food…  But I am also leaving the most wonderful people that I have met. In fact, they are also the most wonderful Jewish people that I have ever met.

So you are saying that American Jews are better than Italian Jews?
I cannot answer this question because I need to be politically correct, which is something I learned here in DC.

OK, so let’s get to the point. Who is your favorite DC Jew?
Well, that is a tough question.  There are two, actually…

The tall guy who wears a hat and the tall red head?
No… My roommates.

When will you come back to the US?
Soon hopefully.

Editor’s note: Rosella did not actually get deported.  She had to go back to finish law school.  GTJ and the DC Jewish community wish her much success and hope that she will bring some Italian ice cream the next time she comes to the US.

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