Thanksgiving in Washington, D.C.

It’s like college all over again—many friends go home since nobody’s actually from D.C., and enjoy the company and warmth of their families and childhood friends. But for those for whom “home” is much too far for a quick jaunt, it can be tough to be left behind here. That feeling of being stranded doesn’t exactly make you feel all fuzzy about Thursday morning parades on TV, the overpriced Thanksgiving dinner specials at local hotels, or missing out on two weeks of leftovers. And if it’s your first time being stuck in D.C., all the worse.

Per usual at Gather the Jews, we’d like to help.

I’ll recommend not worrying about helping yourself right away—go help some other people before you think about where you’re going to procure sweet potatoes and cookies to scarf down.

DC JCC is having a volunteer night Wed., Nov. 23 to prepare more than 7,000 servings of food for people in need in the D.C.-metro area. While you can’t get tickets to the event anymore, I’d say check in with the JCC just to see if there’s anything they still need. (Does anyone ever turn free food down?) DC Central Kitchen is helping to coordinate this effort, and could probably always use more help in the future. So Others May Eat is having its Thanksgiving Day Trot for Hunger on Thurs., Nov. 24, starting at 9 a.m. to benefit the hungry and homeless in D.C. Or help by donating to the Capital Area Food Bank through Nov. 30, particularly to help out low-income seniors who could use a good Thanksgiving meal.

But feeding yourself is also key.

You can either, a) Go find someone else who’s making a whole bunch of Thanksgiving food and hosting a meal, or b) Take the initiative and host a dinner yourself.

There are definitely a few kind souls around town who are hosting kosher Thanksgiving dinners for those stranded in D.C., and are of the opinion that the more, the merrier. If you’re looking for such a generous host, feel free to email me.

And if you’d like to do some hosting yourself, we’ve already got you started with a parve pumpkin pie recipe posted on the site yesterday. These kosher Thanksgiving recipes look pretty salivating-worthy too. Or maybe I’m already hungry for lunch at 10:45 a.m. But either way, give them a try whether you’re joining someone’s dinner and need to bring a dish or are playing host.

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  1. Stephen Richer
    Stephen Richer says:

    I went the route of the overpriced Thanksgiving dinner special… But it was a buffet… so I stayed for multiple hours (by myself) to get my money’s worth.


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