Jewish Guy of the Week – Justin

You lived in Israel. What was that experience like?
I studied Middle East Politics at WUJS in Arad, Israel. Arad is a very small city outside Beersheva in the Negev desert. It was pretty crazy to live in a city without a single traffic light. I loved being in the middle of nowhere, because it gave me a chance to bond with the people I was living with. If I had been in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, I would have been off with other friends/family instead of building lifelong friendships. This summer, we had a mini-reunion at the wedding of one of my fellow Wujies. I still keep in touch with many people from my yearlong program and that finished over 5 years ago. I even ran into 2 people on the street in Denver!

You often escape D.C. for Denver. Are you taking advantage of the winter sports opportunities there?
No winter sports yet, although we did have our first snow last week (10/26). It was my first October snow, but it was great! I’m running a staff of 250 people out in Denver doing an audit of foreclosure review practices. It keeps me awfully busy to manage such a big team, but I’m sure I’ll find time to sneak off for a ski weekend or two this winter.

We hear you’ve had some great seats at Nats games. Explain.
I’m lucky enough to have a very generous cousin who lets me use his tickets in the first row behind the Nationals dugout. I spent my whole first game in those seats paranoid about looking away from the ball for half a second because my health insurance through work didn’t kick in until the following week!

What is an interesting fact about you?
I’m a carpenter. I build my own furniture!

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