Jewish Guy of the Week – Ben

We heard you take photographs, what camera do you use and why?
I use a Nikon D90 with some serious camera protection.  It has all the functionality I need and is heavy duty enough to take to parties. I like to use very fast, fixed lenses (no zoom).  I am a big fan of the 50mm and now use a 30mm f1.4.
(Editor’s note:  You probably saw Ben snapping pictures if you attended the Sukkah Hop or Sukkah in the Sushi)

What is the coolest event you worked at?
I shoot lots of events, and they are all cool in their own ways, whether it’s baller or its underground.  I was back stage at Ludacris/MIA, which was cool.
(Editor’s note:  LUDA!!!!  Love, love, love…  When you tried to take a picture of him, did he tell you “Get back, get back, you don’t know me like that”?)


You lobby for hemp.  Interesting… tell us more…
Industrial Hemp is not a drug, and is in fact a very useful resource that is great for the environment.  Our federal government does not allow farmers to grow hemp, costing our economy $$$$$$$$ and untold jobs and potential.  I believe that until Hemp is legal again (George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were hemp farmers, it was a staple crop for most of US history) America can never be great.  Google it!

(Editor’s Note:  I Googled it — per Ben’s request — and this the paid advertisement that appeared at the top of the screen:   DC’s Top Drug Lawyer – We Make Sure Your Treated Fair)

What is your favorite kosher wine and why?
Maneshewitz,  duh.  But there are lots of classy Israeli wines.

What did you do for the high holidays?
I was at Chabad for Kol Nidre, the next Morning, and for the night service.  I wanted to make up for the times I didn’t go during the year. 

Where will you be for the first night of Hannukah?
Last year I went to this reception on Capitol Hill, and I would like to go the the lighting ceremony at the White House.  Otherwise, let me know if there is a good “latke and vodka” party…

(Editor’s Note:  Menorah Lighting on the Ellipse!  Go see Dreidelman!)

Where can we see more of your photographs?
I shoot for Washington Life Magazine, Brightest Young Things, Ready Set DC, and you can follow me here:
@bendroz – twitter – main site – event photos – facebook page
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