Featured Event: Om Shalom Yoga

GTJ had a chance to speak with Zack Lodmer, founder of Om Shalom Yoga, which is currently being featured in DC.

What is Om Shalom Yoga?
Om Shalom Yoga is an experience which celebrates Jewish prayer through the moving meditation of a Vinyasa flow yoga class. This type of moving prayer gives participants an exalting, physical, mental, and spiritual way to deepen their experience. Working traditional versions of Jewish prayers into modern, electronica arrangements composed and recorded for this flow, Om Shalom Yoga creates the moving, rhythmic space and a unique spiritual opportunity to share life as G-d intended….in the present moment.

In addition to the electronica versions of the prayers, classes feature music from both emerging and established Jewish and Israeli artists, as well as inspiring, powerful, and uplifting songs from the popular and world music cannons. And musically, Om Shalom Yoga is anchored by my clarinet. I play songs, prayers, and other Jewish musical meditations throughout.
No seats, no books, no stress. Move. Pray. Yoga. Welcome, Namaste, and Shal-om!

Why did you decide to bring this program to DC?
A few months ago I was invited to participate in “The Conversaton: Jewish in America,” which is a program “intended to provide a safe and creative place for people from a wide span of religious, political and generational perspectives – but who share a love for the Jewish people and care about its history, survival and advancement – to meet, talk, and imagine together.”  More info is here.

When I accepted the invitation to participate, knowing that The Conversation would take place in Baltimore, I saw this as an opportunity to bring Om Shalom Yoga to the east coast.  Already having a lot of momentum and positive reception on the West Coast, I felt like the timing and opportunity were perfect.  So I started reaching out to different organizations in DC and Sixth & I was eager to put on the program.
When you’re not doing yoga, where will we find you? I’m a lawyer by day, so you can find me in my office or in court…..And if I’m not lawyering or practicing yoga, you can find me at homewith my wife and son, at the farmer’s market, at the beach, or making and recording music.

If we’ve never done yoga before, what is a good kind to start with?
I’m biased, but I think any and all yoga is beneficial.  From the yoga offered at your local gym, to Bikram yoga, and everything in between. Anything that you can do to quiet the mind, relax, and keep your body, mind, and soul engaged can only do good for you, for those around you, and for the world.

What does the future of Om Shalom Yoga hold?
In the next year, in addition to the East Coast jaunt (DC, Philly, and New York), Om Shalom Yoga will be conducting workshops in  San Francisco, Seattle, and some other cities TBA.  Also, I hope to release the full-length album of Om Shalom Yoga’s music.  Above and beyond that, I would love to see Om Shalom Yoga grow into its fullest potential….what exactly that means though, even I’m not sure because the project is still so new.

My biggest hope is that Om Shalom Yoga makes an impact in the Jewish community and beyond.  If I can turn a few people on to yoga that might not have come across it otherwise, then I feel like Om Shalom Yoga is a success.

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