EntryPointDC Brunch a Success

The Newcomer Brunch this past Sunday was a huge success! Prior to Sunday, I had been concerned about the turnout due to Hurricane Irene. Instead, more than double the people projected attended the event. Over the weekend alone, 30 more people registered for the brunch, and about ten people showed up at the door, totaling the count to approximately 70 people.

I received excellent feedback from participants at the brunch. One girl, who had moved from New York City three weeks ago, came up to me and expressed how this was the best time she has had since her arrival to DC and that she was so excited that she had met so many new people. This large turn out, despite the weather, really shows the need for young adult events.

This event not only attracted newcomers, but also long time residents of DC, both singles and couples. The people at the event were eager to learn about what EntryPoint DC offers them, especially High Holiday discounted tickets and Shabbat/Special Interest clusters. With fall approaching and many newcomers arriving to DC, this event also fulfilled the need for people to start their year off building a community. I would like to see this event continue in the future!

Ilana Weltman is the Interim Director of EntryPointDC at the DC JCC

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