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Abby recently published her book “Secrets of Shiksa Appeal: Eight Steps to Attract Your Shul-Mate.

Why do you deserve to be Jewish Guy/Girl of the Year?

I’m not quite sure I deserve to be Jewish girl of the year since I live in NY now, but why shy away from shame-less self-promotion and any chance to make fun of Stephen Richer?  I’m that girl who wrote the Jewish Dating guide,  “Secrets of Shiksa Appeal.” I also write for JMag and I miss all my DC friends.  Vote for meeeeee!!!!! 🙂

I don’t have much else to say, but will include a link to the Columbia Business School video about why Jewish women are hot:


We know you in DC as Abby. What’s with your pen-name “Avi Roseman”?

Ms. Avi is my better-looking, marriage-obsessed, alter ego.  She only takes pictures with lots of airbrushing, sets up everyone she encounters, and takes no prisoners.  The name Ms. Avi comes from my Hebrew name, Avigail, and is the name I used on my singles blog for  There was no way I was going to use my real name on this book. If you read it, you’ll get why…

Does your book tell Jewish women to conform to shiksa stereotypes?
It literally started out as just a dating book for Jewish women, but then I decided it needed an edge. This is a book for Jewish women to attract Jewish men (by using some techniques that shiksas use to get guys), but encourages us to embrace our Jewishness at the same time.  It advises women how to dress, act, meet men, date, and how to make him fall for you.  People sometimes think based on the description that this is a book to encourage Jewish women to become shiksas.  It’s not at all.

Your book is written for women (though men find it just as interesting). What advice do you have for the Jewish men in DC?
1. If you’re looking for a Jewish girl to date, she’s probably not hiding under a rock, and you absolutely have to make an effort to attend events to meet other Jews or go online. Dating is effort.  (Editor’s note: Maybe try the GTJ Happy Hour on Thursday?)

2.  If there’s a girl you want to ask out, don’t wait for your two groups of friends to magically hang out together – just ask her out! (Or get her contact info.)  I think that emailing a girl is a great way to ask her out, because it doesn’t put her on “the spot” and allows her time to craft a response.

3.  In the beginning keep the chemistry and the excitement going by making sure that you don’t let much more than a week go by between that 1st and 2nd date.  Same goes for the time between the 2nd and 3rd dates.  Waiting two weeks between dates just kills chemistry.

Does Gather the Jews get a shout-out in your book?
I cannot answer such questions…okay, see page 40.

Where can we find your book?
Check out our website to see the stores that the book can be ordered from currently. Coming to Amazon/B&N in September.   Like us on Facebook at Secrets of Shiksa Appeal to find out more info and see articles from the NY Jewish Week and the Baltimore Jewish Times.






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  1. Karen Gabel
    Karen Gabel says:

    I’ve read parts of Shiksa Appeal and I enjoyed Avi’s candidness and tongue-in-cheek humor. She also had some practical tips for building your relationship and ending it when it reached its shelf-life. I definitely recommend it to all my Jewish soul sistas who need some practical advice delivered in a witty manner!


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