Jews in baseball

Ryan Braun -- Milwaukee Brewers

If you’ve ever met GTJ readers Kenny A. (distance running), Danny F. (basketball), Zach Z. (basketball), Steve D. (ping pong), Michele S. (cycling), or Stephen R. (basketball and dodgeball), you know that there are professional Jewish athletes.  But did you know that:

On Opening Day [of Major League Baseball] of the 2010 season, 10 Jews were on major-league rosters. Fourteen played at some point in 2009.

?!!!!  Here’s the list:

MLB (current)

  1. Ryan Braun (LF/1B), Milwaukee Brewers
  2. Craig Breslow (P), Oakland Athletics
  3. Ike Davis (1B), New York Mets – DL since 5/11
  4. Scott Feldman (P), Texas Rangers
  5. Sam Fuld (CF/LF), Tampa Bay Rays
  6. John Grabow (P), Chicago Cubs
  7. Ian Kinsler (2B), Texas Rangers
  8. Jason Marquis (P), Arizona Diamondbacks
  9. Danny Valencia (3B), Minnesota Twins
  10. Kevin Youkilis (3B/1B), Boston Red Sox

You can follow these 10, and all other professional Jewish baseball players, on the very cool website (h/t Alex S.).

Sadly, there are no Jews on the Nationals right now…  But at least the team is owned by a Jew!




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