(Re)introducing Rabbi Herzfeld of Ohev Sholom

On Monday night, Aaron and I drove north on 16th street to join Rabbi Herzfeld at Ohev Sholom for evening prayers.

As much as I loathe leaving DuPont, I’m glad I made the trip.  Ohev Sholom has a relaxed, friendly environment, and its congregants make a collection of “great people” (Rabbi Herzfeld’s words — and I agree), including a number of my think-tank colleagues.

Rabbi Herzfeld runs the show up at Ohev Sholom, but he also makes it downtown on a regular basis — he conducts a class on Wednesdays at a local think tank on K street, and he teaches a regular class at Congress.  GTJ will get these on our calendar ASAP, so be sure to look for them.

If you mention Rabbi Herzfeld’s name to any past Ohev Sholom participant, they will either tell you that he is a great leader, or they will tell you, as my friend did, that “Rabbi Herzfeld is a force.”  As such, it’s no surprise that Rabbi Herzfeld has been the subject of past GTJ posts:  He’s appeared on this blog for his efforts to allow Shabbat-keeping Jewish DC residents to vote on Sunday, and for his brilliant Chametz iPhone application.

But be careful, Rabbi Herzfeld is also very convincing, and he’s likely to almost instantly invite you to morning prayers or Shabbat services.  The same friend told me that “resistance [to Rabbi Herzfeld’s invitations] is futile,” but you’ll never regret going.

Resistance is futile…  What less could you expect from a Rabbi with “Go2Shul” on his license plate?




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