It's a Deal! – GTJ Dating Series with Erika E. (week 5)

Groupon, Living Social, Buy with Me, Bloomspot, Eversave, The Capitol Deal… Where do they end?  When I get up every morning, at least half of my e-mails are from the various daily deal companies vying to get some of my money for one of the deals that I’ll likely accidentally let expire anyway.

So, why the rant about the deals?  I read an article recently saying that it was now socially acceptable to use these “deals” on a date:’s Casey says new couples are also more willing to accept a date paying with a coupon from a daily deal site than they were in years past. In fact, five years ago Casey did a study of daters, many who said they would rather a date’s credit card be rejected than them offer to pay with a coupon. Today, coupon promotions are accepted ways of finding new places to eat or play on the cheap, she says.

“It’s become really hip and cool,” she says. “I think today nobody wants to get taken and paying full price for something is for fools.”

I beg to differ.  I would say there’s a right and a wrong way to use a daily deal on a date.

Wrong way:

Girl: Oh Sammy!  What a fabulous dinner!  Thanks again for a lovely date.

Guy: You bet.  Ah, here comes the check.  I don’t want to forget to use my Groupon when I pay.  $15 off – that’s gold!

Girl (to self): Sigh.  I thought I finally met one who wasn’t cheap.

Right way:

Guy: Hey Jamie!  Want to go to CocoSala tomorrow for dinner?  I bought a Groupon months ago and have been wanting to use it.

Girl: What a great idea!  I love that place, and we can have an extra drink with the money we’ll save!

Guy (to self): Oh yeah – I’m awesome.

See the difference?  Here’s the rule of thumb:

  • No Groupons on first dates.
  • No spur-of-the-moment Groupon usage if you’re trying to impress someone.  You’ll have to suck it up and use it another time.
  • If you’ve planned the outing in advance because of the Groupon, then it’s another story, and you’re good to go.

Now, I’m not saying to stop buying the daily deals.  Many of them are amazing and worth it.  But before you try to use it on a date, think to yourself, “How will this come off – as hip and in-the-know or as cheap?”  If there’s any chance it might come off as the latter, save it for another day.  You must like the place if you bought the deal, so now you get to go back!


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  1. Eli Allen
    Eli Allen says:

    Am I the only one who has a problem with the girl in the first example? She enjoyed the dinner and thought it was great, only after she learned the guy saved money did she turn against it. To me I’d be kind of happy that she wasn’t interested.


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