Does DC stack the deck against single Jewish women?

Is she fighting an uphill battle in DC?

For better or for worse, I’ve started reading Samantha’s “singles blog.” Her post this week (I think she averages about one a week) hinges on the following four sentences:

I know so many terrific Jewish women but have a really hard time finding a decent Jewish guy who isn’t already attached. All my single Jewish girl friends are amazing people who if given the opportunity, would wow any guy.

So I ask you this, are guys looking for this unrealistic Chupacabra and passing over great girls who are in front of them? Are they perpetually looking for the next best thing out there hoping for perfection?

How is it that there are so many more single Jewish women in the DC area than single Jewish men?

I know that conventional wisdom accepts this as fact (see e.g. this post or this post).  But I’m interested in why this is.  After all, for every man paired off, there is presumably a woman paired off too.[2] Relationships are moving forward at a 1:1 ratio.

The only way the imbalance makes sense is if:  1) A large number of Jewish men in DC have girlfriends in other cities, 2) Jewish men in DC are especially inclined to date gentile women, or 3) there are just a lot more Jewish women in DC than there are Jewish men.

I doubt any demographic studies have been made on the first two possibilities, and I couldn’t find any quick gender breakdown of the DC population, Jewish or otherwise.  Can somebody help me?  But even if we do find it, it wouldn’t necessarily be representative of the DC that most of GTJ’s readers live in (northwest, Dupont)…  To paraphrase Senator Edwards, there are two DCs.

So I’m not yet 100 percent sold on Rachel’s postulate that single Jewish women in DC have a harder time than single Jewish men.  And, for what’s worth, DC apparently isn’t the worst city out there; according to Single Minded, DC ranked second last year and fifth this year in terms of best cities for single women looking for a man.


** Update (August 3):

Ok.  I did some more exploring on this.  First, the website MaleToFemaleRation offers the following statistics on DC:

  • The male to female ratio is 100:113, and the female to male ratio is 89:100.
  • The male population is 266,591, and the female population is 300,234.
  • There are 33,643 more females than males in Washington; in percentage terms, there are 11.21% more females than males.
  • The median male age is 34.48 years, and the median female age is 36.13 years.
  • The average household income in Washington is $46,267, and the average house value is $232,478.

As I said before, however, there’s the entirety of DC, and then there’s NW yuppie DC.  I don’t know how well these statistics reflect NW yuppie DC.

But even if they did, this doesn’t put DC in the 10 most female dominant.  Look at following three charts from National Atlas . Gov











As for male-dominated cities:












If you’d prefer to see a heat chart on where to give yourself the best odds…














So I guess the message for women is “Go West, young [wo]man!”

P.S.  Mike Weinberg informs me that on the GTJ fan page there are 6.1 women for every 5 men.

P.P.S. This new iPhone app tells you the gender ratios of different bars.

[1] I definitely think it’s for the better.  It’s fun!

[2] This assumes female and male homosexual relationships balance each other out.




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  1. breeze
    breeze says:


    I came across your article for info about single Jewish women. It is a bit surprising to read that there’s a surplus of Jewish women in DC. I don’t get out much, but I think that DC is growing quickly. I am not so sure NW DC is the place to find single Jewish women. Actually, I can’t admit where is the prime location to find them.

    I am a single man who isn’t Jewish. Yet, I find Jewish women very attractive. I always wanted to know what is the probability of Jewish women dating men who are not Jewish, specifically Asians men as I am a single Asian male.

    There’s a lot of info out there about Asian females dating Jewish men, but I haven’t seen any info about Jewish women dating Asian men.


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