Gather the News – Jewish News – 8/1/11

Considering U.S. headlines were a bit overloaded this week[1], I had to search extra hard for my Jewish/Israel stories… but nevertheless, here’s some debt-free news:

  • In the race to replace Anthony Weiner (read: to be Israel’s better friend), former Democratic Mayor Ed Koch endorses Republican Bob Turner in order to send a firm message to President Obama on Israel, but Democratic opponent David Weprin may have just one-upped Turner: Senator Joseph Lieberman goes to bat for his fellow Orthodox Jew.
  • Doggy diapers are on their way! Brought to you by an Israeli company, NUFAR Natural Products, this new product solves the “dog poo problem” and may clean our sidewalks for good!

Candace Mittel is a Gather the Jews summer associate

[1] What does the debt crisis mean for Jewish service groups?

[2] Regretting your decision yet, Mohammed Alirezaei?

[3] Yet another serious political development that merely began as a modest facebook protest!

[4] What do you think?  Should facebook allow these pages to stay up or not? Send your opinion article to

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  1. Stephen Richer
    Stephen Richer says:

    “In what is consider to be one of the largest demonstrations in Israel’s history, 150,000 Israelis take to the streets of Tel Aviv to demand more affordable housing prices.[3]” — Bah. It’s private property. Charge whatever you want. Let market work.

    “Facebook, insistent upon their policy of free speech, rejects a request by Holocaust survivors to remove “Holocaust denial” pages on the site.[4]” Good for facebook. See our debate on removing the intifada page between Yaakov Roth and Samara Greenberg

    “Two elderly Jewish women, ages 77 and 85, are the very first same-sex couple to marry in New York City!” Mazel tov to them. But not terribly surprising that Jews led the charge on this…


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