Getting Hot Hot Hot – GTJ dating series with Erika E. (week 3)

Making Hot Dates that Don’t Leave You Out in the Cold

In this midst of summer (and this is a blistering hot one!), the last thing you want is a glass of red wine by the fireplace, so it’s time to make sure you’re up on your summer date ideas.

Summer is a time for BBQ and beer, baseball games and corn hole (which I am surprisingly good at – who knew?), pools and margaritas, but before you get so excited and plan a first date (with someone you met online or you’ve never met before) at a baseball game, let’s start with a critical lesson… No dinner or extra-long activities on a first date – just drinks or coffee.

As open as I am to meeting everyone and giving most people two chances (see my blog post on A Little Nudge for more on this), there are some dates where you show up and just know it’s not going to work out.  Do you really want to sit through a whole meal or three-hour baseball game with someone who gives you the heebie-jeebies?  That’s what I thought.  Now that we’ve gotten that squared away, let’s talk about some great summer date choices for the first date and beyond.

First Date

I’m a fan of an outdoor or rooftop bar where you can enjoy a cold beverage while people-watching a little.  If there is a restaurant there too, and the date is going well, you can order food as the nights goes on.  (Remember: You can always add dinner onto a date, but you can’t take it back.)  Here are some places with outdoor bars or roof decks in the area:

Second date… and beyond

Now, once you’ve moved on from the first date, this is where it gets more fun and creative.  Below are some good second date (and beyond) ideas for DC:

  • Hiking in Great Falls

It’ll show your athleticism, and you’ll have beautiful scenery all around you.

  • Monuments at night

Beautiful.  Do a little research and impress your date with random facts about the Monuments. “Did you know the Washington Monument was started 36 years before it was completed?”  “Wow” – insert adoring eyes here – “you’re so smart… and cute too.”

  • A picnic or board games in Meridian Hill Park

Both cute and competitive

  • A baseball game

So much fun – beer, peanuts, yelling.  What more could you want?

Make it even more fun with creating a little bet at some of the holes.  Example: The person who loses on the next hole has to cook dinner the following week.

  • Wine tasting

Enjoy a fun-filled day at a few Virginia wineries (better as a group so you have a designated driver).

  • Paddle boating on the Tidal Basin

A team-effort with great scenery

  • Kayaking from Georgetown’s Jack’s Boat House

Also a team effort, and there are picnic tables there for when you’re done

  • A walk in Old Town Alexandria (and/or taking the water taxi to/from there from Georgetown)

Fun, good shopping, scenic, a change of pace from downtown

  • Frozen yogurt (at one of the 10,000 choices we have)

Stereotypical hot-day activity.

If it’s going well, you can cozy up on a blanket.

  • Eastern Market

Enjoy the outdoors and see what all the vendors have to offer.  If you get hungry, head to one of the restaurants in 8th St. SE… or sample something from the pickle man!

  • Go to the zoo

Who doesn’t like a panda?

Or nothing beats taking a good old-fashioned walk.

Enjoy and happy dating!


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