Gather the News – Jewish News – 7/18

Bachmann accuses President Obama of having a lot of "choot-spa." See below

Harry Potter is over (see Stephen’s Harry Potter goblin-Jews article), but Gather the News is still here!

  • With the recent introduction of Google+, millions of online chatters have found themselves conflicted between the trusted and always handy Facebook chat and Google’s newest chat innovation.  Leave it to Israelis to develop an application that reconciles the two by integrating the two services so that you don’t have to leave either one behind.
  • From technology to medicine, there really is no limit to Jewish nerdy capabilities: scientists at Hebrew University have identified the molecular basis for the breakage of DNA, the trademark of cancer cells – a major breakthrough which hopefully will lead to new approaches to the prevention and treatment of cancer in the future.
  • Israel’s new Boycott Law stirs controversy in Israel and abroad, as many Israeli and Jewish groups express concern over the constitutionality of the law.  Netanyahu remains adamant, however, that the law was a product of a democratic process in a democratic state and doesn’t mar Israel’s image in the least.[1]
  • The world stock markets may be in turmoil, but Israeli indices seem to be doing just fine.
  • Forest fires break out in 4 different locations at once in Jerusalem, and it is suspected that arsonists may be the cause.
  • Ed Koch, former New York mayor, may endorse a Republican to replace Anthony Weiner in order to “put a shot across Obama’s bow,” Koch said in reference to Obama’s stance on Israel.
  • Could Andy Samberg be the United States’ first Jewish feminist male comedian?[2]

They say to save the best for last, so…

  • Michele Bachmann declares that President Obama has a lot of “choot-spa!”[3]
Candace Mittel is a summer associate at Gather the Jews.

[1] What do you think? Submit an opinion article to

[3] Isn’t Bachmann the one with all the chutzpah to think that she could ever possibly be President…?


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