Jewish Community Day leads Nats to victory!

Thanks largely to the Empire kosher chicken that they ate before the game, the Washington Nationals held on to win the Jewish Community Day game against the Colorado Rockies, 2-0.  The Nats improved to 46 wins and 46 losses.

For those of you who didn’t make it, you missed out on a pretty sweet deal. For $35, you got:  1) Access to pre-game Jewish music and a history of Jews in baseball, 2) Access to a pre-game make-your-own-kosher-sandwich-bar, 3) A Jewish Community Day Nationals t-shirt, 4) $10 voucher to concession stands, and 5) a pretty good seat.

Other highlights included: My trip to the Gelato stand, the schwag I picked up from the Federation’s booth at the game (including a giant Guide To Jewish Life in DC), the Nats homerun late in the game, the milkshake from Shake Shack (from Sara S!  Yes, a day of great nutrition), meeting Greg F. (the brains behind Jewish Community Day), and a visit from the Nats mascot (the eagle… see below).

Disappointments: My favorite president of the four regular runners — Jefferson — took an early lead in the President’s Race, but he got knocked down by Washington on the final stretch, and Washington wound up winning it all.  Jews for Jesus stood outside the metro for the Ballpark; I’m guessing this had something to do with Jewish Community Day…  My second Jews for Jesus spotting in 4 days.


Good seats in left field. Shame no right-handed hitters went deep.










The Eagle (I'm guessing he has a special name) stopped by our section.









Yay Empire Kosher!

Taking advantage of the last minutes of the kosher deli sandwich bar before the game starts...









They're always friendly at least...











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