Sorry AIPAC!

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As noted in a recent post to this blog, AIPAC host its first Summer Seminar this Thursday, June 30.

Unfortunately, the GTJ Giant Summer Happy Hour is also this Thursday.

How did this happen?  Didn’t we recently complain about too little summer Jewish programming?  Now there are two awesome events on one night?!

It’s our (GTJ) fault.  When we first learned of the AIPAC event, we understood it to be only for interns, so we thought we were free to schedule a happy hour on the same day.  We were wrong.  The AIPAC event is for both interns and young professionals.

We assure you we did this with the best intentions, but sometimes the best intentions pave the road to hell…   Also, despite the fact that I studied in the department of John Mearsheimer, rest assured that this the GTJ happy hour is not a secret plot to sabotage AIPAC – we certainly don’t have that type of power, and we definitely respect AIPAC as a valuable contributor to Jewish programming.

Fortunately for you the Jewish audience, this only represents an increase in consumer choice.  Think iPhone and Droid – two phenomenal brands that offer fairly similar products.  At both events you will get to meet fellow young Jewish professionals, and at both events you can probably strike up an informed conversation about Israel.

So which one should you go to?  GTJ obviously, but if I had a time machine, I would definitely go to both!

Sorry AIPAC!

Stephen is a co-founder and director of Gather the Jews.


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