Mr. Yogato is turning three years old this Saturday (June 25)…yay!!!  In celebration, Yogato is hosting a free scavenger hunt from 7 – 9 pm. Registration opens at 6:30 and recommended team size is 3-5 people.  FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE HERE.

Why is this relevant to the GTJ website?  It is a little-known fact that the debonair Stephen Rishay (editor’s note:  Richer), a GTJ co-founder, is the only unpaid intern in Yogato history, while the vivacious Noa Levanon, co-editor of the GTJ blog, is part of the exclusive Mr. Yogato 30-Day-Champion club.  Thus, there is a clear (i.e. tenuous) connection between GTJ and Yogato.  With that, here are the top 10 reasons to attend:

1.      The clues are reeeallllyyy fun and involve doing very goofy things…one of said clues might involve a dreidel!

2.      The prizes are amazing, including prize-packs from SpaceX (put an object into a space capsule plus merchandise), Tesla Motors (VIP pack including 4 test drives and merchandise), and Mr. Yogato (we will name a a flavor or combo after a team-member, plus merchandise)!

3.      After the Hunt, there will be an a cappella concert!

4.      There will be free whoopie pies for all contestants (thanks to Berkeley at Whoopsies)

5.      There will be free Capri Sun for all contestants!

6.      Drink specials at local bars following the party for all contestants

7.      It is free!

8.      See addendum below*

9.      See addendum below*

10.  See addendum below*

We are really excited to reach our 3-year birthday and hope to see you there!

*Reasons 8 to 10 have been omitted because I just received an email from Noa Levanon harshly scolding me about missing my deadline for this blog entry.  Thus, I must submit before finishing and hereby retract my earlier compliment about her vivaciousness.

Editor’s note 1:  Steve Davis — the author of this article, and the owner of Mr. Yogato — is a former Jewish guy of the Week and finished first in Round One of Jewish Guy of the Year).

Editor’s note 2:  Since Steve is too lazy to finish out the ten, I’ll try three of my own:

8.  Get in touch with our ancestors by wandering around for a while (hopefully not 40 years… and Dupont is no desert…)

9.  Because a very high percentage of Jews are lactose intolerant, and Mr. Yogato is one of the few yogurt stores in the city to offer free Lactaid pills.

10.  Because the next Afikomen Scavenger Hunt is only 10 months away!  Time to get training!

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