Wet Hot American Summer Programming in DC

[Yes, the title of the article refers to the cult classic Wet Hot American Summer.]

It is another summer in DC, and I couldn’t think of a more exciting time to be in the nation’s capital.  With the long days of summer come movies on the green, music concerts, and cultural festivals.  Here the young professional Jewish population is flourishing.  There are Jewish camps and tours, new jobs (as seen on our housing board), and thousands of new Jewish interns, but there is one crucial thing that is lacking:  Jewish Programming for young professionals drops dramatically during the months of June, July, and August.

Normally there are three to six Shabbat options, but in the summer there may be one or two (not including the established congregations like Chabad’s Shul, Kesher Israel, and Adas Israel).  We at GTJ know that rabbis, gabbais, and community leaders need vacation, too, but we still think a strong case can be made for more robust summer programming:

  1. There are still Jews in DC.
  2. We like to learn and meet other Jews, even in July.
  3. There are still Friday nights in the summer.
  4. GTJ needs to fill its calendar.
  5. Shidduchim don’t stop in the summer!

GTJ staff member John suggested a number of summer-appropriate ideas for young Jewish professional co-mingling, such as volleyball (bring inhalers), beach (bring inhalers and water wings), bbqs (bring inhalers and pepto), hiking and camping (bring bug spray, sunscreen, and menus of restaurants that do delivery), and other outdoor events that can help young Ashkenazis get less pasty.

I hope that our calendar will be overflowing with Jewish activities and learning opportunities for young professionals.  If you or your friends want to publicize or establish these or other types of Jewish events, feel free to contact us at aaron@gatherdc.org or john@gatherdc.org, and we would be happy to help continue to facilitate Jewish life during the summers of DC.

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