Guy of the Week – Zach

1.) You moved to DC pretty recently. What were your first impressions?
I’ve actually moved around quite a bit in the last two years: I graduated from the University of Michigan in 2009 (go blue!), lived in St. Louis last year, was back home in LA for 6 months, traveled to Thailand, and then finally settled in Washington DC five months ago. I get tired just writing that! I think I’ll stick around for awhile. I was told to expect this, but I didn’t realizethe extent until I actually moved here: DC is run by 20 year olds. It is awesome to be around so many interesting young professionals. Sorry I can go on about this city. In sum, I’m happy to be here.

2.) Where can we find you on the weekends?
I am a big fan of the drum circle at Meridian Park. Would like to go more often. You can’t beat (GTJ: pun?) the scene and ambience. When it’s nice out, there is nothing more pleasant than spending a dayat the park grooving and people watching. But I typically watch and dance. Although I must say, I am more of a tandem yoga kind of guy. (Cue the L.A. hippie, flip-flop-wearing, organic-salad-eating, stereotype. I’ve heard it all before.)

3.) What were you thinking leaving sunny L.A.?
Obviously, I get that question a lot.  But if this past weekend was any indication, I don’t think I will be deprived of the sun here. Don’t get me wrong, I miss home. I have a niece and nephew in LA that I am missing grow up, so that’s hard. Thankfully I discovered Taqueria Nacional. The first thing I do in a new place is seek out a taco stand. If you got another spot, I’ll check it out.

4.) Rumor has it you’ve already thrown a few Shabbat dinner gatherings.
Thanks for not asking a question about Shavuot. You should leave that for next week’s Jewish Guy of the Week. I enjoy entertaining and cooking. It’s nice to celebrate the Sabbath with friends. Amazing way to mark the end of the week. I also cook one hell of a baked salmon, if I say so myself. Looking forward to having people over on my roof deck this summer.

5.) We’ve talked about Los Angeles a lot. You must watch Entourage. Which character are you most like?
I am like E—the guy who gets it done behind the scene. Vince may get the fame and glory, but I get Sloan.


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