Jewish Guy – Andrew Penn-Giannettino

Jewish Guy - Andrew Penn-Giannettino

Latke or Hamentashen?

On Friday night you can find me at:
Mesorah DC

Mel Brooks or Woody Allen?
Mel Brooks–can anyone argue the genius of Spaceballs?

Is there a Jewish look?
If there is, I don’t have it.

Jewish superhero by night, what by day?
Excel jockey.

Favorite living Jew (besides the GTJ staff):
Favorite is a tough one, but I will say that my grandmother is the most important to me.

Jewish Guy – Eddy

Jewish Guy - Eddy

Eddy on why he should be Jewish Guy of the Year:
There was a reason that the committee selected me to be the first guy of the week.  What that reason was, I am still trying to figure out, but I hope that all of you voting out there can see what the committee saw and select me as the guy of the year.  Besides, how many other participants had a mustache while traveling through Guatemala?  I think that is reason enough to vote for me. Don’t you?

Favorite dish your mom/grandmother makes?
Potato Borecas

First thing you do when you wake up?
Turn on my Black Berry Pandora to the Carlos Vives station.

Yarmullke or Kippah?

Last time someone made you laugh uncontrollably?
When my roommate and I accidentaly recorded our conversations during a 4 hour span and then played them back.

What would you never eat for Sunday Brunch?
Cheese anything