Jewish Girl – Tila

Jewish Girl - Tila

How will you change the world as Jewish Girl of the Week?
I’m not sure how I can change the world as Jewish Girl of the Week, but I would definitely know how to change the world as Jewish Girl of the Year… hint hint

Who makes the best matzah ball soup?
My mom!!! She is an amazing cook.

Which biblical character are you most like?
Maybe Esther… Because like her, I believe that a strong Jewish community is very important.

What is your favorite Jewish holiday?
My favorite Jewish holiday is Shabbat because it occurs every week! I love the feeling of being able to just relax with friends and family and not have to think about the stresses of the week.

Who is the coolest living Jew (besides the GTJ staff)?
Other than the GTJ staff, I would have to say Natalie Portman.

Where can we find you on a Friday night?
On a Friday night, you can find me either at Chabad or 6th and I.

Jewish Girl – Rachel

Jewish Girl - Rachel
(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

Should challah have raisins?
Never! Except for that holiday where it is supposed to have rasins in it. It’s all about tradition, right?

Smooth or Chunky Peanut Butter?

Favorite dish your mom/grandmother makes.
My grandmother’s Matzoh Ball soup. She passed away a few years ago and I still dream of the soup that I will never have again. My mother was denied the recipe and although she has put an enormous effort into duplicating it, recreating that magical concoction still eludes her.

Jewish superhero by night, what by day?
A scratching post for my children.

Where could we find you on a friday night?
6th and I probably, with the creators of this site.

What’s the longest drive you’ve ever taken?
A three day road trip through Central Australia’s Northern Territory from Cairns to Alice Springs. Imagine nothing for three days but the occasional farm that spans hundreds of miles and some random Dingos and kangaroos. But camping out at Uluru and feeding a kangaroo named Mary some beer in a coffee cup made it totally worth it. Never have I wanted to take a kangaroo back on a plane to America with me so badly

Jewish Girl – Yael and Jane

Jane and Yael(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

Jane and Yael on why they should be Jewish Girl(s) of the Year?
“You should vote for the Frozen Chosen because it’s about time Alaska was known for something else in the DC area. We’re committed to spreading our Jewish spirit all across the U.S., from the far west to the east. Besides, how do you pass up a 2 for 1 deal?”

How did you convince GTJ to have 2 Girls of the Week at once?!
Jane: I think they were trying to prove to the D.C. Community that there is more than 1 Jew in the State of Alaska.
Yael: I think it was a couple of convincing shayna punims.

I thought that the only things in Alaska were Eskimos and Sarah Palin, there are Jews too?!
Yael: And a great view of Russia! Actually, there is a strong Jewish community in Anchorage, I’ve heard us called Jewskimos.
Jane: I prefer the term ”Frozen Chosen”… and yes we sell t-shirts that say that too. They are available for purchase online.

What do you miss most from Alaska?
Yael: Mountains, Midnight sun, Moose’s tooth pizza
Jane: Being able to drink water from the tap, Bar scene, Skiing, My family, and Fishing!!!
Yael: I’m glad you like to fish because I like to eat fish. Nothing beats wild Alaskan salmon, other than wild Alaskan salmon that Jane caught and smoked herself.
Jane: I can’t take all the credit for that salmon… it’s my dad’s recipe!

What is the best part of DC, besides Gather the Jews?
Jane: Having Jewish friends other than Yael
Yael: I grew up 3,000 miles from my nearest relative so its nice having extended family nearby.

Jane and YaelWhat is your favorite snowcone flavor?
Yael: Anything but yellow.
Jane: I feel like when you grow up in Alaska you learn not to eat snow of any kind… but you might not know that Alaska has the highest consumption of ice cream per capita out of any other state in the U.S., Matanuska Maid Dairy is the best!
Yael: Mmm, ice cream…who eats snowcones?

Since you guys are best friends and attached at the hip, in order to take one of you out for dinner does the other have to approve/join/or doesn’t matter?
Yael: I always approve of Jane’s choices.
Jane: Yael, I know that’s a lie, I don’t even approve of my own choices. And for anyone trying to take Yael out…. You do have to go through me.

What will you do now that this prestigious crowns have been bestowed upon you?
Yael: Go to Disneyworld.
Jane: I might just go get coffee or something….Yael? Want to come?
Yael: Of course 🙂

BTW in the first photo, their hands are the maps of Alaska.

Jewish Girl – Sheryl

What’s your favorite nickname?
My favorite nickname: Soju (pronounced: so-jew). It’s the name of the most potent alcohol in South Korea. When I lived there, I got a fish as a pet, and I named him Soju without thinking about the implications of his namesake. My American and Canadian friends thought it was funny and nicknamed me that since I was only 1 of 100 Jews living in South Korea. On another note, I hope my life ends better than Soju’s. It’s surprisingly hard to get a coy fish down a Korean toilet…

Don’t ever buy me…
Don’t ever buy me a cat or an avocado, as I’m allergic to both. Or anything gold lame’ (are you reading this, Mom!? 🙂 )

If you could hang out with one cool Jew all the time (besides GTJ staff)?
If I could hang out with one cool Jew all the time, I would hang out with my awesome 7 year old niece Rebecca. She’s just one of my favorite people on Earth. She’s cute and thoughtful and endless amounts of fun. Rebecca’s also one of the proudest Jews I know. When she was just 3 years old, a waitress asked her, “How are you?” to which Rebecca replied, “I’m Jewish, how are you?”

The one song you would love to hear before you go to bed?
The one song I love to hear before going to bed is “By Your Side” by Sade. I love the words and the rhythm.   

Make a haiku about living in DC.
Snow, where can I go?
Lend me a shovel, Barack
I am your neighbor

Jewish Girl – Aliyah

(Jewish Girl of the Year Voting Page)

What’s your Mother’s Favorite Dish?
Lamb chops.

Where did you have your most spiritual moment?
The first time I arrived in Jerusalem. At the time, I was 15 and with a group of my best friends. We started the day in Warsaw, in Janusz Korczak’s orphanage where he hid Jewish orphans during the Holocaust. We spontaneously decided to sing Hatikvah there. Right after, we boarded the plane to Israel and drove straight to the Old City of Jerusalem where we cried and laughed and prayed and sang. That whole day was my most spiritual moment.

Which female biblical character do you admire the most? Why?
Appropriate for Purim, I admire Queen Esther. A little chutzpa goes a long way.

What type of hummus do you prefer? (Chunky or Creamy)
Not sure about the chunky or creamy preference, but my favorite chumus comes from Abu Gosh, a village near Jerusalem. It’s the best. Pure beige happiness…