Jewish Guy - Yaacov

Jewish Guy – Yaacov

What was your nickname when you were little? Yaacovito What’s your favorite Passover candy? Is this a trick question? Where can we find you on a Friday night? Usually enjoying the spiritual blessings of every soul-loving bite of the Kabbalah Cook’s food (trademark , JK) and the company of my fellow young DC Jews. If […]

The Etymology of Passover

Stephen Richer The Etymology of Passover 4/1/2010 Transcript of speech to be delivered at The George Washington University on 4/6/2010. Passover is a time of questioning, and the most renowned of the established Passover questions are the four questions that ask why this night–the night of the Seder (be the it first or second)–is different […]

Ranking The Plagues

Stephen Richer Ranking The Plagues 3/30/2009 Almost everything has a ranking.  Al Franken ranked religions in his book Oh, The Things I Know (reform Judaism placed first); US News & World Report ranks colleges; Newsweek ranks rabbis, The Economist ranks countries, and Maxim ranks women.  But nobody ranks the Ten Plagues of Egypt. For the […]

Jewish Guy - Ilya shapiro

Jewish Guy – Ilya Shapiro

Ilya on why he should you be Jewish Guy of the Year: Vote for me because I was one of the first Guys-of-the-Week (when there was more competition for these slots) and the year only got better.  Whether arguing for liberty at the Supreme Court, reciting the Braveheart speech in full makeup, or going mano-a-mano […]

Newsletter 4

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 Team Jewish, Welcome to week four of Gather The Jews! The health care bill passed.  Kansas lost.  Israel and the United States disagreed.  Sandra Bullock is now single according to Facebook. Celebrate or bemoan these events with some of your fellow Jews at an upcoming Passover Seder, Shabbat dinner, or other […]

Vayikra – Apologize

Last week’s portion.  Sorry, I fell a bit behind… March Madness… Stephen Richer Apologize Vayikra Leviticus 1:1 — 5:26 3/23/2010 “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This week’s Torah Portion teaches us that all actions have consequences, especially sinful actions.  Every time we offend, or break rules, there are subsequent occurrences–the […]

AIPAC’s Eliot Brandt at Mesorah D.C.

Stephen Richer AIPAC’s Eliot Brandt at Mesorah D.C. 3/22/2010 “Name an issue–just one issue–that receives the same type of bipartisanship Congressional support that Israel receives.” Despite working for a political institute and reading the newspaper with some regularity, I struggled to name more than two issues: steroid use in baseball and farm subsidies–and I’m not […]

Jewish Girl - Sheryl

Jewish Girl – Sheryl

What’s your favorite nickname? My favorite nickname: Soju (pronounced: so-jew). It’s the name of the most potent alcohol in South Korea. When I lived there, I got a fish as a pet, and I named him Soju without thinking about the implications of his namesake. My American and Canadian friends thought it was funny and […]

American Jew: A Dilemma?

Article originally appeared at the Daily Caller (here) Stephen Richer “American Jew: A Dilemma?” 3/18/2010 During her time as Prime Minister, Golda Meir appealed to Henry Kissinger for increased American support. The Prime Minister marshaled many reasons for assisting Israel—the country’s geo-strategic importance, its promotion of democracy, its attitude toward the Soviet Union, etc.—but she […]

Washington Jewish Week on Gather The Jews

Excerpt from Washington Jewish Week article on Gather The … “Andrew Penn-Giannettino prefers latkes over hamantashen, Mel Brooks over Woody Allen (“can anyone argue the genius of Spaceballs?”) and says the best thing about being Jewish is having “access to Jewish women.” These and other factoids about him were made public earlier this month […]

Josh Kornbluth as Andy Warhol

Aaron Wolff Last week Aaron was invited to see the play Andy Warhol, Good for the Jews? Witty, humorous and informational I decided to come back for more and interview Josh Kornbluth.  Don’t worry, he wasn’t looking away the whole time, just when I asked him the important questions. What would you order if you […]

Newsletter 3

Tuesday, March 16, 2010 J Squad, Welcome to week three of Gather The Jews! It is an exciting time to be a Jew.  Not only will we soon get to watch many of the finest Jewish athletes compete in the March Madness college basketball tournament, but we will get to celebrate Passover!  If you have […]