Jewish Guy of the Week – Ben

B smiling (1)Jackie: What brought you to DC?

While I was choosing between 6 wildly different schools to attend, my older brother was living in DC, so GW came out the winner and I came here for college! I ended up getting a job here after graduation and stuck around.

Jackie: Have you been here since graduating GW? For the most part, except for a 3-year stint [as an international man of mystery] living in Dubai, Iraqi-Kurdistan, and working around the region.


Jackie: So you are in a band! How did you guys get A&B1together? Yep! I’m in a band called Cosmic Romp (I have to plug, check out our SoundCloud/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/courier pigeons). We met through Flashband, a DC-based company which provides a music community for musicians to easily get together, form bands, plays gigs, etc. Any musicians out there should check it out, it’s awesome.

Jackie: Do you play around DC? Sure do! Our next show is on Saturday, April 11, at Club Heaven and Hell in Adam’s Morgan. It’s actually the Flashband 3-year anniversary show and we’re a “reunion” band of members who met through Flashband. We’ve also played at Axum’s Lounge, Heaven & Hell, and Iota in Clarendon since our forming last fall.


BJackie: I hear you are getting married in the fall, Mozel Tov! How did you and your partner meet? (will your band be playing at the wedding?!)

Thank you! We actually met at GW during undergrad, we only dated for a brief not-so-serious period of time during junior year, but 7 years later (she says) I came crawling back. And, my band may just make a cameo at the reception…

Jackie: What’s your favorite way to spend Shabbat?

Lately, as I hear is commonplace for when you hit your 30’s, we’ve often been staying in, deflating from a typically intense and fast-paced week, and we’ll usually cook some dinner and catch up on House of Cards. Or more lately, discuss wedding stuff. Saturday, if we’re in DC, is just a relaxing day to do whatever comes our way.

B jumpingJackie: What is your favorite Jewish food? Chocolate. Oh wait, Jewish food? Gelt.

Jackie: Who is the coolest Jew? Rabbi Yoni Kaiser-Blueth (he’s officiating our wedding!)

Finish the sentence: When the Jews gather… they schmooze.








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