Jewish Girl of the Week – Molly

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Rachel: What brought you to DC?
Molly: DC is where the action is. Oh and the monuments: I get very patriotic and giddy when I see them.

Rachel: You spent the past two years in Budapest. What was that like?
Molly: Amazing. Budapest is incredibly beautiful and underrated. It’s stunning but is also a little rough around the edges which I like. On one hand Starbucks and McDonald’s have popped up everywhere but on the other hand you still see buildings with bullet holes from the 1950s.

Rachel: You also lived in Buenos Aires. Can you tell us about the Jewish community there?
Molly: From what I experienced, the Jewish community in Buenos Aires is thriving. After terrorist attacks on a Jewish community center and the Israeli Embassy there in the early 90s, security is strict and they don’t take anything for granted.

Summer 2013 in America 525 (2)Rachel: Where can we find you on a Friday night?
Molly: Having a low-key Shabbat dinner at a friend’s house or hitting up what I call the DC Shabbat Circuit: Shabbat dinner and services geared towards young professionals at different synagogues, or in the case of my favorite “Metro Minyan” services are held in a church. I’ve met some of my closest friends here through The Circuit.

Rachel: What is your favorite Jewish holiday?
Molly: After Shabbat I’d say Passover. Going through those plagues is the best.

Rachel: Who is the coolest Jew?
Molly: Jon Stewart. But my brother is a close second.

Rachel: Finish the sentence: When the Jews gather…
Molly: They kvetch and kibitz

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