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Rachel: What brought you to DC?
Eli: I came to conquer the United States, and stayed to conquer mimosas at Sunday brunch.

Rachel: How would people describe you?
Eli: I’m like your stereotypical James Bond Russian villain.  I like to work hard, play hard, and take an occasional body shot from a Jewish sorority girl or summer Hill intern.  But I’m always home in time to put a kippa on for Shabbat and to attend an RJC event.

Seriously, I originally came to college at GW because I was really interested in politics as a kid.  And, I ended up staying for law school and work.  I guess I like the city that much.

Rachel: What’s your favorite part of DC?
Eli: If anyone wants to schmooze with me, you can almost always find me at the Georgetown Waterfront on Sunday nights.

Rachel: We heard you’re attending the HaLev Israel Young Professional Welcome Event for AIPAC Policy Conference.  Can you tell us more about it?
Eli: As you probably know, AIPAC holds a conference in DC every year.  People from all over America, along with nearly every pro-Israel congressman, come to the conference.

This year, HaLev Israel is throwing a great event for young professionals who are going to the conference and for those in the DC Jewish community.  It will be a great way to meet other people who care about Israel and learn more about the AIPAC conference, while having a fun time!

Eli 3The event will take place at Capitale – one of the best venues in DC – on March 1st, the night before the conference.  If you’re attending the conference, the event is free – you just need to register.  If not, the tickets are only $25 until February 15, 2014. So, check out .

Rachel: Any cool/hidden talents?
Eli: I’m great at getting to know people’s dark secrets – like a more Jewish, slightly less crude Howard Stern.

Rachel: What’s your favorite Jewish holiday?
Eli: I love celebrating Passover with my family, and all of its traditions.  These days, I particularly enjoy helping the younger kids plot to steal the Afikoman.  I try to resist re-hiding it when they’re not looking.  For me, Passover is also a great reminder about how Jews had to run away from evil over and over again throughout history, and why Israel is so important.

Rachel: Who is the coolest Jew?
Eli: Sheldon Adelson.  Besides helping American veterans and Israel, he seems to have an awesome attitude for dealing with haters.  Plus, who doesn’t love a man who bankrolls Birthright from casino winnings?

Rachel: Finish the sentence: When the Jews gather…
Eli: When Jews gather…you get a million opinions, a full belly, sharp wit, and a great time.

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