Meet the Moishe House Arlington!

970712_161666084029515_1838975323_nMoishe House Arlington has some great programming coming up this month including Love, Pizza, Judaism, and You, Bottomless Mimosa Brunch, and Game Night @ Moishe House Arlington ft. Masa Israel.

Rachel: So who lives in the Arlington Moishe House?
Will: Avi F., Orly H., and Will C.

Rachel: How long has the MH Arlington existed?
Will: September.  February is our 6th month.
Orly: It feels like three years already.

Rachel: Did you know each other before?
Orly: Avi and I knew each other, but Will was set up with us through the application process.  That sealed the deal because he makes amazing pizza, which is all a roommate could ask for.
Avi: That and baked goods.

Rachel: Is it true you planted etrogs in your backyard?
Will: We haven’t planted them… yet.  But out house is full of etrog saplings.  If you came to our Tu B’Shevat seder you might have even took one home!
Orly: Hopefully they’ll be fruiting in 3-4 years – selling etrogs is our back-up retirement plan.

Rachel: What is the funniest thing that’s happened since you guys have moved in?
Orly: We have a neighbor with a chihuahua who likes to party.  Her name is Coco Chanel.  Anytime Coco comes over things get pretty hilarious.
Avi: That and our Murder Mystery Shabbat.  Watching a bunch of Jews play 20’s mobsters is not a site you see often.

Rachel: What events are you most excited to plan/have already planned?
Orly: We did a gleaning in the fall that was a lot of fun, and we’ve made some really good beer.  But we’ve got a volunteer program we’re starting to do on a monthly basis that I’m excited for!
Avi: We had a showing of The Hebrew Hammer, along with 5 different homemade popcorn flavors, which was a blast.  That movie just cuts to the core of what it means to be an Ashkenazi Jew.  We also had a discussion of Jews and Tattoos over homemade pizza that was really awesome.

Rachel: What would you say the vibe of the house is?
Orly: We’re very relaxed.  We like to see our friends, and we like to meet new people.  We like to feed people, and we like beer and whiskey.  When there’s no one else here, sometimes Avi does yoga with me in the living room while Will laughs.  Will laughs a lot.

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