Jewish Guy of the Week – Alan

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Rachel: What brought you to DC?
Alan: I’m originally from here… Grew up in Bethesda, MD; went to college in the Midwest.  Decided the Midwest had ran its course after four years so I moved back.

Rachel: You coached the GTJ kickball team.  How did the season go?
Alan: Although our record may not reflect it, the season was a ton of fun.  We had a great group of people, made new friends, played a ton flip cup, and we killed it on the dance floor (that’s all that really matters in these kickball leagues right?).

Rachel: You started your own business.  Can you tell us more about that?
Alan: Yes, I started my part-time business in March of 2013.  I see two huge problems in our country today; wealth and health.  You don’t need to open a newspaper to know that our economy is still struggling, money is an issue in almost everyone’s life, and 7 out of 10 people HATE their job- yet they don’t leave because they are afraid they might not find a better job or better pay.  On top of that, people are still very self conscious about their weight and obesity is still on the rise.  Take a step back and listen in closely to your conversations with your friends, family, co-workers, etc.  I’d say money and/or health come up approximately 90% of the time in conversation in one way or another.

The fact of the matter is, no one walks around saying “man I wish I was sick today” or “yo, I wish I was broke.”  No of course not…  Everyone wants to look good, feel good, make money, and be happy.

Blue ShirtFor the people looking to get healthy or maybe shed a few pounds: I sample out various health and wellness products (healthy energy drinks, weight loss shakes, juices, liquid antioxidants) which are healthy alternatives to what’s out there on the market to my family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, dude at the grocery store, UPS driver, whoever.  For the folks who want to generate an additional cashflow, I show them how they can market these products using word of mouth advertising, social media, and leveraging internet marketing.

Rachel: Any cool hobbies/hidden talents?
Alan: I love playing basketball, soccer, going on spontaneous weekend trips, snowboarding, and dancing (a white Jewish kid who can dance… crazy huh?).  As for hidden talents… I can do a handstand and I used to be pretty sick at juggling.

Rachel: What’s your favorite way to spend Shabbat?
Alan: Spending time with friends, relaxing, and occasionally I’ll check out Sixth and I too.

Rachel: What is your favorite Jewish food?
Alan: A tie between challah and Beef Shawarma.

Rachel: Who is the coolest Jew?
Alan: Drake

Rachel: Finish the sentence: When the Jews gather…
Alan: Hilarity ensues.

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