Masa Israel Featured Internship: Israel Education Internship, Makom

Our team of expert educators and thinkers work daily to develop new and innovative educational models to help Jews around the world embrace Israel: both the challenges and the victories. If you are interested in Israeli current affairs, Israeli arts & culture, social activism in Israel, or Jewish education, you will love joining the Makom team. We would like to pair your personal interests and skills with our own organizational needs. Together, we will customize and design a special project for you, empowering you to take ownership and initiative, while receiving Makom guidance and mentorship from a Makom educator.

Makom is an educational think & do tank that drives policy and empowers program makers to embrace the vibrant complexity of Israel and the Jewish People. Using our expertise in transformative education, we design effective educational strategy, train program staff and ensure the development of high quality content.

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