Jewish Girl of the Week – Arielle

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Brian: What brought you to DC?
Arielle: Could be my desire to meet politically ambitious alpha males.

Brian: So you are that friendly, engaging, passionate, young professional from New York who has taken the DC Jewish scene by storm?
Arielle: Sure (blushes)…why yes, indeed I am… next question?  …

Brian: What made you choose your profession?  Teaching 2nd Grade Special Education must be challenging?  Plus you are a full time Master’s student in Teaching English as a Second Language!  When do you sleep?!
Arielle: After teaching English in Tel Aviv for a semester, I knew it was for me.  My students are hilarious…especially when dancing to this video during a brain break.  Not many people can say that they look forward to going to work and smile throughout their entire workday.  It was raining during dismissal this afternoon and an adorable kindergartener told me how this is a great day because he gets to drink from the sky.  Sleep…what’s that?

Brian: It’s great to see you at Moishe House events and Shabbat services at Sixth and I and Adas Israel, but what else do you do that’s Jewish?
Arielle: Wait, there’s more to being Jewish than Jewish Girl of the Week?

Brian: Who is the coolest Jew?
Arielle: The Chabad rabbi in Alaska.  It’s cold up there.

Brian: We heard you played on the Gather the Jews kickball team?
Arielle: Yes, that’s true.  We won two games.  One was by default since the other team was a no-show, and the other was because we argued the rules on a close play.  We negotiated our victory and are still collecting legal fees.  Do you care to know our definition of “fair vs. foul”?

Brian: So you dance your Sunday nights away at Rikud DC?
Arielle: Belly dancing classes were booked for this year, so I looked around and found the next best thing… but that was cancelled too. S o I decided to sign up for Rikud.  (Joking aside: It’s my favorite part of the week!  Good people, good music, good near-collisions!)

Arielle teachingBrian: Besides Friendship Circle Young Adults Division and Midnight Mitzvahs, are you involved in any other organizations?
Arielle: Yes, but it’s a secret.  It’s three initials, beginning with C and ending with A, and I can’t tell you the middle letter… but it deals with intelligence.  Oh, and that one on the dollar bill too.

Brian: What’s the coolest event you’ve done this far?
Arielle: Did I mention to you my trip to Alaska?  One of my politically ambitious alpha male friends wanted to see if he could see Russia from there, so I went with him.  And we are Jewish, so it was a Jewish event.

Brian: What’s your favorite Jewish dish that your mother makes?
Arielle: Brisket!  But we both know that I didn’t come here to be Jewish Girl of the Week to talk about brisket.

Brian: Closing argument for why you are DC’s most eligible Jewish bachelorette?
Arielle: I can sail, I can bike, I can cook, I can laugh at all kinds of silly stories, jokes ,and humor.  So don’t be shy.  Come over and say shalom at the next happy hour!


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