Mitzvah Maker – Dreidel Man

dreidle_man_onlyDreidel Man will be making an appearance at the  D.C. Dreidel Championship and Chanukah Extravaganza.

Rachel: What brings you to DC?
Dreidel Man: Well actually I just rode in on a pack of reindeer. Just kidding I actually live here but most of the time I’m a pretty quiet guy. There’s something in the air this time of year that really gets me going. I just start spinning and getting ready for the DC Dreidel Championship!

Rachel: Can you tell us more about the  D.C. Dreidel Championship and Chanukah Extravaganza?
Dreidel Man: Well they brought me in about 3 years ago to consult on this project and its really been a smash hit. Imagine hundreds of young professional Jews together. Friends, open bar, latke bar. Have you ever been to a latke bar before? Gotta try it! and of course the dreidel competition. Imagine a bunch of adults having a blast playing the game that we loved as children.

Rachel: How fast can you spin?
Dreidel Man: I don’t like to brag.

Rachel: What’s your favorite letter to land on?
Dreidel Man: I love all of my letters equally

Rachel: Have you ever spun with anyone famous?
Dreidel Man: I’m just saying: The secret service weren’t there to protect me!

Rachel: How many latkas can you eat? Apple sauce or sour cream?
Dreidel Man: I don’t do latkes while I’m training for a competition. But in the winners circle, I can eat tons. Apple sauce of course.

Rachel: Finish the sentence: when the Jews gather…
Dreidel Man: The world Spins!

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