Thanksgivukkah Hybrid Foods to Consider

b-thanksgivukkah-102313With Thanksgiving and Chanukkah combining forces for the first time ever this November, many American Jews are considering modifications to their traditional thanksgiving dinners.

So here are a few ideas for combining almost 400 years of Thanksgiving deliciousness with 5,000 years of Jewish culinary tradition:

Sweet potato ball soup
Parsley and Horseradish salad

Beef brisket-stuffed Turkey
Venison Bagels with Cottage Cheese

Brussels Sprouts-wrapped Hamentaschen
Gefiltefish Stuffing

Pumpkin Knishes
Potato Latke-Crusted Apple Pie
Pecan-Kugel Pie

Manischevitz cranberry wine
Lox Cider

Remember to save some room for wontons and egg rolls on December 25.  And don’t forget to celebrate Thanksgivukkah early with the GTJ November Happy Hour! (RSVP on Facebook to be entered into a raffle for two Matisyahu concert tickets!)

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