Masa Israel Featured Internship: Research Internship and Legal Internship, Kan-Tor & Acco

As the Research Intern you will be responsible for identifying regulations and policies affecting U.S. Immigration Law today using databases and web searches. In addition you will research current laws and regulations on a per client basis. The Legal Writing intern’s responsibilities will include researching and writing articles for publication, and preparing thorough, well-written research reports on a series of issues, including (but not limited to): relocation matters, international regulations, etc.

Kan-Tor & Acco is a global relocation law firm comprised of three inter-related practice areas: Israel-bound relocation, U.S.-bound relocation & global relocation. The firm strives to contribute added value to the practice of immigration law through publications on a wide variety of international regulations and relocation matters. The attorneys have authored books on relocation-related issues, published in English, German and Hebrew, as well as a series of Client Guides on specific visa types.

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