Jewish Girl of the Week – Audrey

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Rachel: What brought you to DC?
Audrey: I grew up in the Boston suburbs and went to Boston University so after 21 years in the Boston area I was ready for a change, but I wasn’t quite sure where I wanted to go.  Junior year of college I studied abroad at Hebrew University in Jerusalem and made some incredible friends over those six months.  It just so happened that my entire group of friends ended up in DC after college so I decided to take a leap and make the move with them.  I’ve been here for seven years now and have no plans to leave!

Rachel: You helped organize Spinning 4 Israel Cancer Research.  Can you tell us more about that and how you got involved?
ALAMB2Audrey: I was approached by the Israel Forever Foundation with the idea of a spinning event to raise money for cancer research in Israel.  I advised them how to put together a spin-a-thon (back to back to back spinning classes) and volunteered to teach two hours of the three hour event.  With so many happy hours and or big ticket gala fundraisers in DC, it was nice to do something different and work up a sweat while contributing to a good cause.

We had 72 participants, including Israeli cyclists from Bike for the Fight  who had just biked from Toronto to DC as part of their fundraising efforts.  In the four years I’ve been a spinning instructor, it was the most meaningful classes I’ve taught and was so glad to be part of the event.  There was a great sense of team work and camaraderie in the room.  We’re looking forward to doing the spin-a-thon bi-annually.

Rachel: What is your favorite Jewish holiday?
Audrey: I enjoy the high holidays because I always make plans to go back home to Boston to spend time with my family for Yom Kippor and I also get to celebrate with my DC friends and family here for Rosh Hashana.

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