Israeli Tactical School Offers Home and Self-Defense Courses in Rockville, MD

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For decades the state of Israel has faced terrorist attacks on her own soil and abroad. These challenges pushed Israel to develop advanced counter-terrorism techniques widely recognized and adopted by her allies around the world.

One example of the perfection of the Israeli techniques can be found in the response to the Rome and Vienna International airports twin attacks carried out by eight members of the “Abu-Nidal” Palestinian terrorist organization in 1985. The attacks took place by the check-in counters of El-Al (Israel’s national airline). In the Rome incident, four of the terrorists, disguised as passengers, approached the check-in area carrying  AK-47 “Kalachnikov” and grenades in their suitcases. The attacks in Rome and Vienna were coordinated and started at the same time, killing Israelis and civilians from other countries. Hundreds of people scrambled; others lay on the floor wounded or worse. Still, not everyone ran away: three Italian policemen present on the scene returned fire using their beretta pistols. Unfortunately, they missed the terrorists and instead added more passengers to the list of casualties.

“Moshe”, an Israeli secret service agent stationed in Rome, noticed the shooting and immediately reacted.  It took him 20 seconds to kill three of the terrorists and seriously injure the remaining one. Other members from his team came running from other parts of the terminal to help out, but it was all over by the time they arrived.

After an autopsy was conducted, it became clear that the four terrorists had all been neutralized by this one single agent: only bullets fired by agent “Moshe” were found in the  bodies of the terrorists. In the bodies of passengers and other civilians, AK-47 bullets (used by the terrorists) and 9-caliber ones (used by the Italian policemen) were found. For more on this, read here.

Home and self-defense is a serious business, and if you don’t believe it, talk to Tomer, 39, a former Israeli secret service agent and commanding officer who served two decades as a team leader in the Israeli special forces and as chief security officer in the Israeli foreign office.  “Our Israeli counter-terrorism techniques fit perfectly with home and self-defense challenges and better than any other techniques available for civilians”. Tomer, who now teaches in Rockville, hopes to give his students the set of skills and mindset needed to avoid, prevent and react to any challenge and any scenario.

“Israeli tactical school classes are for responsible citizens who want to be sure they know what to do in case of a dangerous home or self-defense situation,” says Tomer, who especially enjoys teaching beginners.  ”I love showing them that they can do it.”

“We don’t just teach how to shoot without missing, we teach students the point-shooting technique, meaning: shooting without relying on eyesight,” says Tomer. “Even in the beginners class we implement the mindset and skills to fight and take the initiative; we teach to make correct decisions, how to surprise and deceive, and to attack only when the moment is right. We teach not to hesitate but to act aggressively. Constant repetition and skill reinforcement help develop the muscle memory and confidence required to react. You don’t need to be black-belt or a Navy seal to do that.”

Tomer says he teaches across the board. “I teach people in different age groups, men and women alike,” he says. “The program courses combine shooting and Krav Maga as one concept: if the gun is not effective, we use our hands, legs and any other object we have to protect ourselves and our loved ones. We offer a gun-disarm-and-use-it-against-the-attacker workshop, and you don’t need to have a gun to participate. For gun owners, we have a special program that takes them from beginner level to home and self-defense room clearing. We also train federal employees on how to defend themselves during missions in middle eastern countries, and we offer rape prevention and security consulting, training and assessments for private companies and law enforcement agencies.”

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