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Rachel: What brought you to DC?
Sarah: My mother and father met in USY, dated, married, moved to DC, loved each other and started a family…just playing, I was born and raised here.  DC WHAT!

Rachel: You live in the DC Moshe House. What is that like?
Sarah: Moishe House is sort of like if a DC group home, a frat house, and a community center had a baby.  We run seven events a month for young professional Jews in our home and absolutely love having people over.  It’s a low barrier place where we aim to create a warm, creative, and loving environment for people to come hang together.  Also, we do a lot of eating.

Rachel: What kinds of programming happens at Moshe House? photo 2
Sarah: There are so many different events…it would be impossible to put them all here.  Some of my favorites are Shabbat dinners, a Curly Hair party, creative Torah text study, cooking classes, craft shows, and yoga in the park.  Shameless plug for an awesome November event I am planning with Rabbi Scott Perlo of 6th and I: We will be doing a 3-day Tzedakah, giving circle.  Keep your eyes pealed for that!

Rachel: You teach yoga classes.  What inspired you to get into yoga?
Sarah: My yoga journey started in college when I was playing D-1 sports and looking for ways to be a better player.  I have had a practice ever since and it has completely changed my life.  Now, I teach yoga and mindfulness to children in schools.  I absolutely LOVE my job and feel really grateful that my life’s work is to bring peace, focus, and determination to children.

Rachel: What is the Jewish community missing?
Sarah: We are missing healers… all of us know our people’s past – the hard history that our ancestors fought for their lives for generations.  But, the present moment is full of freedom and opportunity for us Jews, especially in the US.  I do not want to let that hardship and struggle passed down in my DNA to hold me back from being my best self or allowing me to fully commit to creating a more peaceful world…. Where my Jewish Shamans at?

USSR July 1 - 15 2012 401Rachel: Who is the coolest Jew?
Sarah: This is an impossible question.  But, my 25 year old brother is incredibly smart, handsome, and cool. He will probably not love this post, but, I am looking for a cool sister-in-law. ladies?

Rachel: How About a fun fact?
Sarah: Fun Fact: I requested Beastie Boys at every Bar Mitzvah I went to in 7th grade.

Rachel: Finish the sentence:
Sarah: When the Jews gather… we kvetch, we learn, we remember, we eat, we talk about summer camp, we self-loath, we dance in circles, we get anxious, we analyze ancient text, we spin tops, we invent, sometimes we get caught on an elevator that stops on every floor, we do service, we sway, we blow rams horns, we slow cook food, we braid our bread, we cover our heads and wrap ourselves in shawls, we shake things that look like lemons, we get funky.

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