Mr. Yogato Owner and Former JGOTW, Steve Davis, Opens a Bar!

IMG_3965Steve Davis, owner of Mr. Yogato and former JGOTW, is opening a new lunch-spot and bar- Thomas Foolery.  We asked Steve a few questions about Thomas Foolery, but to learn about all the quirks (think Mr. Yogato, but instead of yogurt there’s adult drinks!) read the Washington City Paper article, “12 Craziest Things About Thomas Foolery, Opening Wednesday.”  Or follow Thomas Foolery on Facebook and check it out for yourself on July 17th!

Rachel: We heard Thomas Foolery features Mario Kart and an Etch-a-sketch wall.  What else can customers expect?
Steve: There is a cool “Throne” seat in the corner…whoever sits there has to wear a crown but also has direct Walkie Talkie access to the bar and to Table 4 (random table).  I also love the “Plinko your Smirnoff Ice price game”…there is no set price for Ice and whatever number the Plinko disc falls under is the price you pay.

Rachel: Where did you get the idea for so much coolness in one bar?
Steve: Not sure “coolness” is the right word…but thanks!

Rachel: Was the bar named with anyone in particular in mind?
Steve: It was either that, “Up Up Down Down Left Right,” or “Call Me Maybe.”  Easy decision.

Rachel: Any shout outs?
Steve: Our food truck vendors are awesome…Patrick from the Big Cheese and Kirk from Captain Cookie are providing most of the food.  Thus, we will be a lunch/dinner/late-night spot…and it just so happens that their products classify appropriately as “Little Kid food!”

CHECK OUT SUPER COOL PICTURES! (Photo credit to Washington City Paper)






The soft launch!

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